Can't reduced my weight

Hey so then u r not fat.if i ate that much of foods then definitely i will get fat.I am a Srilankan,Normaly i am eating small ammount of foods.

Morning rice with 2 curries only 20 spoons(table spoon).

Lunch rice with few curries

evening only green tea or may b with small short eat role chock let cake

Dinner fruit fruit juice (papaya or watermelon) or only 1 green tea

But i am 5' 2 And my weight is 52 :( i need to reduce it in to 47 kg please help me


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10 Replies

  • Hi there 47 sounds quite low for your height? rice is all carbs and what do you put in your curries? cream maybe.

  • Nope vegetable and meet

  • Nope vegetable and meet

  • Hi there 47 sounds quite low for your height? rice is all carbs and what do you put in your curries? cream maybe.

  • Hi LAMI

    Have you used the ideal weight calculator? You can find one here

    It apears from the details you have given that you are already a healthy weight. Maybe check out your details on this and if you are worried about your weight go to your GP to check it out and see what is a healthy weight for you.

    Hope this helps

    all the best


  • Hi there LAMI

    I agree with denvajade, your weight seems to be quite low if anything.

    Have you used an ideal weight calculator? If not maybe you could put your details into one to see what is an ideal or healthy weight for you. There's a tool on the NHS pages - here

    You might also consider talking to your GP about your weight if you are unsure about what a healthy weight is for you. They and practice nusrses can be very helpful indeed.

    Do hope this helps

    all the best


  • ps sorry about repeat reply. The compter told me there'd been a problem with it but obviosly there wasn't. Hey Ho - the wonders of technology :)

  • But i look fat.thats y i need to reduced 51 into 47 kg. Normally i only take breakfast and lunch. rarely i take my dinner. I am a software always sitting on my chair.

  • Perhaps try cutting out the cake and fruit juice, and just have fruit instead. Swapping from white to brown rice perhaps, or swapping some of your rice for more vegetables might be an idea, chopped cauliflower works well.

    Remember to do some exercise too, especially if you are sat down all day.

  • my diet plane is irregular so normaly week end iam eating so green t reduced our fat

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