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I used to enjoy swimming/going to the gym, but I now have a 30 mile round trip to do this, so it just isn't going to happen. I then started to do a lot of walking including plenty of hills, but that is now too painful as I am going to have to have a hip replacement. Any ideas what would be suitable exercise for me to do? I do pilates at home, but could do with some aerobic exercise.


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  • I use an exercise bike because I have a crumbling hip. This form of exercising has low impact on your joints. I am seeing definition on my legs after just 6 weeks. I use my bike for 30 mins every second day, usually while watching TV. I also do some lifting with dumbells, 3 times a week. You can work your upper body sitting on the couch. I'm 61 and my jiggly arms are getting firmer daily. Found it a struggle at first, but I love my exercise routine now.

    Good luck with your op.

  • thank you tootsiepops, I think that a bike is a good idea, will try and borrow one see how I get on with it. p.s. I am also 61

  • My local gym to something called sit and.get fit... If you have the time and it's suitable give it a go alternatively it's something you might be able to do at home to a dvd or YouTube.

  • The NHS provides a programme called Strength and Flexibility which you do via podcasts over 5 weeks and then maintain repeating the Week 5 podcast from time to time, and yes, cycling might be an idea (how about outside as that produces a lot of other benefits? I have an electric bicycle which has made all the difference to me - you have to pedal to get any battery assist)

  • Where do you live? That a long way to get to a swimming pool?

  • you are in a difficult situation and i find myself in a similar predicament - i need a knee replacement soon. However i sought help from my gp as the gym was not an option anymore and we agreed that seeking support from a physiotherapist was best. I waited for only 3 weeks and have been receiving advice and therapy for exercise and in particular my knee. I don't know if this would also benefit you? My weight loss will be a lot slower, but at least i can do it relatively pain free now. Hope this helps and good luck x

  • Hi Kennyboy, I am in the north east of Scotland and a 30 mile round trip especially in winter just isn't going to happen!

  • Oh dear! I am lucky to live near everything, but a bike perhaps? Even an exercise bike and exercise videos? I am also lucky to be pain/ health problem free! Good luck with your weight loss journey tho!

  • Oh dear! I am lucky to live near everything, but a bike perhaps? Even an exercise bike and exercise videos? I am also lucky to be pain/ health problem free! Good luck with your weight loss journey tho!

  • I'm really over weight and wanted something low impact for home as I can't find the right shoes for comfortable walking at the mo (really annoying size 8 &wide feet). I asked my husband to find me an excercise bike as he's always on eBay or gumtree etc. An hour later he'd found one for £10 and 10minutes from our house. Since I've used it lots and definitely got money's worth. I'm only allowed to keep it if I use it and don't turn it into a clothes horse which is helpful motivation. I either listen to music or watch tv as it can get boring like anything repetitive :-)

  • Well done! Good idea! Carry on cycling!

  • Have you tried Karrimor? I had 9 stone to lose so very overweight with the wide feet that comes with it and needed support, I was in Sports Direct one day and they had a sale on and got a very comfy pair for under £30, they are wide with a rounded toe so no rubbing. Also got some running socks to go with them, they have extra padding around the heel and toes so that helps with the support.

  • Thanks will have a look. Have had wide feet since I was a little kid and they grew from 7 to an 8 when I was pregnant with my son. Four years on and I've barely found a nice shoe to fit so fingers crossed. :-)

  • Hi maggie10al,

    You'll probably be really surprised by this, but the old BullworkerX5 will allow you to do quite a range of exercises - both isometric and isotonic - and you may well still find them on ebay for a reasonable sort of price. I found it really useful for generally toning up - you can use it for all the major muscle groups - and especially for getting those abs into shape.

  • Check into getting some home equipment and your insurance is paying for it

  • Hi Aquahol, thought what a good idea an exercise bike on Ebay, but problem is where I live, nearest one 3 hours drive away!

  • Keep looking, they turn up all the time!

  • I can imagine it would be a long drive. Any local (ish) shops with cards in the window or notice boards? They'd be worth a go :-)

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