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Where did that 2 stone come from?

It creeped up on me, few pounds here and there then 3/4 of a stone in America I'm now 2 stone away from my target goal. I freaked and did 6/14 days of my holiday in the gym lol.

I'm now watching my diet closely and have even bought lean whey to have 3x a day with my new gym (last one sub ran out). Don't get me wrong, I know what I'm doing and what to eat as I study it at university about to start my third year in sept. Iv just not done it closely as ok I play sport 2-3 times a week so I kinda have In my head that I don't have to watch diet and eat out and pizzas way too often...tbh, I think it was chocolate during my exams. Iv refused to buy any of he big bars as I would eat one in a ninth without even thinking bout it.

Anyways iv had 9/10 rly good days I binged on the day I arrived back at uni :( with local takeouts, but I'm back on track again. Havnt weighed myself again since last week, (waiting for next Monday) using myfitnesspl iv tracked all calories since Sunday I think it is. Managed to hit 2000 calories with 500 calories burnt at gym everyday so I'm on track to losing 1-2 lbs week.

Not asking for help just note making for like a journal. So any motivation feel free to write :) I already use lots of motivation strategies. I usually don't sleep well but since iv taken supplements I feel a lot more energised, my tummy never rumbles and last night I slept from 1:30am - 9:30 so a nice 8 hours. May sound late to you, but trust me, that's 3 hours earlier for me.

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Hi Jsports,

Have noticed from your posts that you seem well up on exercise matters. Are you familiar with HIT, (High Intensity Training) ie. very short bursts as hard as you can go seems to describe it best. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks.


Yeah I'm a 3rd year sport and exercise student at a top university :) thanks for your message. Last year I took lab where I had to cycle for 2mins as a warm up and then sprint on the bike as fast as I could for 30 seconds...cycle slowly 2mins then again 30 seconds. We were meant to only do 3 sprints but I only lasted 2 haha.

If you are already taking part in exercise therefor you have joint mobility and flexibility to be able to push this hard then let me tell you wow you work bloody hard and feel like passing out. But if your not, then yes you can do hit but I would reduce your intervals. Interval training is not a new thing, for instance...walk 1minute jog 30 seconds....this is a low form of hit based on individual experience. Everybody physiology is different.

Having said all that hit works very well and build up the lactate system well which is why most sports players will do this. However! I'm not going to recommend something if I don't know your goal. For instance this builds up resistance to lactic acid, sprinting and running slightly faster than usual. You need to work the energy system that gets the goals you want...steady state cardio gets u to run far, hit makes u run faster and more intense final phase running if you walk and then recover abit u can also run further with hit...

However if your doing hit for weight loss you will be limited and hit will need to be combined with weights for optimum weight loss. Hit will also burn largely carbs not fat so you won't put weight on with it, but it's difficult to burn your fat stores on it....yes people lose weight, but that's weight (water weight from loss of retention from reduction of carbs)...water follows salt and carbs.

I took part in a study where I did a vo2max test with increased intensities with my lactic acid and fat max tested. I burnt fat most efficiently at 106bpm and least at 170bpm. Use these results as you wish :)..

Just remember.... Your goal determines the exercise...not the exercise determines the goal as hit is not for everybody nor is cardio for someone who wants muscle :)


P.s. My tutor is running a lab next year where your recommended 30mins a day exercise...but does that have to be in one bout? So his class are going to do 3x10min cardio exercises throughout the day and compare to a group that does the 30mins.

Will post results if and when he posts them :)


Thanks. Will look forward to reading the results when you post them.


Many thanks for explaining that so well - I'm happy to know that I have to let my goal determine the exercise and not the other way round. At the moment weight loss is takng priority because the extra weight is putting a strain on my joints. I'll continue with weights for the time being and then when the time is right experiment and extend my range. Enjoy your Summer break and I really do appreciate your help.


All over body weight exercises light weight higher reps coz of ur joints, get off treadmill use bike/elliptical/stepper and swimming to reduce joint strain. Think bout hit as getting your heart rate slightly high then a recovery for twice as long as the short bursting.e 30 seconds repeat 15x. This can aid the speed of recovery and get lots of benefits without going 100% like I was.

When I say weights don't think of a million bicep circles..I said metabolism :) therefore find a leg press machine and a pull down machine and a row weight machine. This will work your legs and back...your two biggest muscle groups in your body thus increasing your metabolism higher than any other muscle group you will work...bicep curls don't burn as much calories a day compared to how much your legs burn :) so increase your muscle mass slightly and you can turn on the burn :) this is why everyone is against treadmill running as most people will lose muscle doing cardio.

Because of your joints please ask to be shown a piece of equipment by the gym staff and let them know about joints if you feel pain from bone rather muscle burn you must stop.

Good luck to you again.



P.s. Your welcome :)


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