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Binge eating!

Hi everyone, i have been slowly but steadily losing weight for nearly a year and reduced my bmi from 35 to 28. I was starting to feel good about myself and then I saw a hideous picture of myself and realised that I still have a long way to go. I have been feeling anxious and have lost control of my binge eating and gained 2lbs. This has made me feel awful and made me realise that I need to take back control. I am starting the 12 weeks 1400 cals a day today. I really wish my relationship with food was not so messed up! Here's to a new start and wishing everyone well on their weight loss journey.

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Whoah! Hold your horses!!

2 lbs is not the end of the world! You've done massively well and must have lost several stone to drop *SEVEN* BMI points - and thats brilliant - well done - you should be proud. Are you pleased? DO you feel better/healthier/fitter?

To continue the horses analogy/metaphor - pick yourself up and get back on the horse - look at how far you've come and be proud of your acheivements.

Don't beat yourself up over a teeny, one off blip - it won't get you anywhere - but you can do this!

I know you can do it!


I wish my bmi to be 28, that great!!

2lbs gain is not much and it can be lost fairly quickly.

Keep going!


Through my journey of blood type diet, (well livestyle ) I realised a lot is how I relate to food, my childhood connections and stuff, really a lot is to do with the mind, trying to cut back on the sweet stuff now, and give it up.

More coloured peppers the odd raw carrot, and more low sugar fruit, when you tackle about your deep down connections, addictions and stuff you will gain control, and realise it is not comfort, try other less fattening stuff to comfort you.

I have also lost weight in the last two years too.


I find I can totally do without crisps, donuts etc, but what I can't do is eat them in moderation, or just have one as treat, because I then want to scoff the lot. Going from 35 to 28 is fantastic, and I don't think 2 pounds is much in comparision, but maybe having a complete abstience of unhealthy food might be the best thing is you are someone who eg eats one pack crisps, and then thinks whats the point I might as well eat them all, then end up feeling you've failed and theres no point, so might as well eat everything.

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Also 28 BMI is only 3 BMI points from the top of the healthy weight range (25), so you are almost there!


Thanks for all your replies, I was at a low point and I am feeling a lot more positive now.


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