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Help please


Hi there, im really new to this everytime I try lose weight I always give up cause I have no support, im 21 and im just under 20 stone, help please

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Hi, I was 19 stone 12 weeks ago and found it very difficult getting motivated and keeping to my healthy eating plan. I then changed my mindset and stopped thinking big weight lose and started setting myself small achievable targets both in weight loss and exercising. By hitting these targets and setting new ones along the way, it kept me keen and interested in my plan, thus making myself feel good. I have now lost 3 stone in 12 weeks and feel great for it.

Keep going, the support is out there, GOOD LUCK.

Hi Chris, it's really hard to lose Weight on your own so please don't be disheartened. Having the support of someone or even a body of people to give you guidance or motivate you when you need it really does help. There are lots of companies out there that could do this for youlike weight watchers, slimming world etc etc. But the only one I can advocate for is juice plus, have you heard of it? It's not a slimming aid it's a nutritional supplements made from pure ingredients no chemicals and such like (massive in America). Using Jp and their eating plan has helped thousands of people get healthy and lose weight and I have seen some amazing stories from guys that have turned their lives around . One of the reasons I like it is because if I get stuck or need support I can just pop on Facebook To the forum and get immediate advice and support. Google Juice plus, if you would like to know more then message me and I will put you in touch with my mentor who will give you all the information you want and answer any questions that you have. Hope what ever method you chose works out for you. Good luck

H there is there anymore information you can give me about juice plus please

My mentor has all the info, she can send you the email and add you to a Facebook information group and the website etc.

Have a look on here and her contact details are on here also


She also does things like a 7 day clean eating plan to trial too give her an email or phone call from the website info

Before you look at Juiceplus, please do some investigations into the set up. Its basically a company that is similar to pyramid selling and is only out to get your money! Check what's in it, they tried advertising on the Diabetes UK Facebook page and were removed.

Taking these sort of "healthy" drink type things does not teach you how to portion control, what healthy food to eat. Follow the NHS plan and you can't go wrong, please don't waste your money on things like Juice plus.

You can get some good support and help through the NHS plan and this forum . Also have a word with your GP, who will make sure that your blood pressure is checked and may get you to have a blood test too just to check for any deficiencies. There is no need to take supplements for things you aren't deficient in!

Nhs offer 6 week weight loss courses that provide healthy eating advice and support. They educate you on what to eat, plate sizes, calorie control etc. You can then continue to attend and have your weight monitored whilst still gaining support. They are run by qualified dieticians and it costs nothing. Pay a visit to your doctor who will recommend you or look it up on the internet.

Losing weight is all about eating healthy and increasing exercise so you expend more calories than you take in. It's pretty basic really. BUT it's never easy. If it were everyone would do it. !! But with the right mind set and determination weight loss is achievable. Try walking. Put on your I pod and walk til you are slightly out of breath. Half hour a day and you will see results. Swimming is great too as it burns lots of calories whilst supporting joints. There are loads of classes to do. Try skipping and shadow boxing. Again they burn loads of calories and cost nothing to do.

Keep a food diary. Try my fitness pal as this is a great app for monitoring food intake, exercise and weight loss.

Good luck!!!


Hi Chris, I'm pretty new her too I'm 23 years old and want to lose about 4 stone. I feel like I've tried everything out there for weight loss including faddy diets and all sorts. I came here feeling like this was my last resort and wanted to give it a try with it being simple to follow and free, I spent a lot of money on weight watchers but my weight would go up and down each week.

Everyone here is really nice and helpful and I would like to help you and be your support because I completely relate to where you're coming from. I'm planning on following the NHS 12 week weight loss plan, starting the couch to 5K and using my fitness pal to track my eating.

Please feel free to ask any questions everyone on here will be happy to help and let me know if you would like a weight loss buddy for support because I would be happy to support you, we could help each other!


Hello, my name is Shaf and it is nice to meet you. I will support and guide you in your endeavour to lose weight. I am in the same situation but I have support from my local GP, Friends and Family, is it possible that you can local support?

Please let me know what help you would require and also the diet you are following. The best diet plan you can follow is the one you have put together yourself. If you want I can forward the diet plan I use.

Speak to you soon, take care.

Shaf Choudhary

I also suffer with depression which makes things harder to get motivated and stuff, cause as soon as im down I feel I will slip back into bad habits

I think Steevestar has put his/her finger on it. It really is all about a change of mindset. You have to be clear about what you want and where you're trying to get to. You say you 'always give up'. What does that mean? Is your problem eating too much food, eating the wrong kind of foods, comfort eating, 'snacking'? These are all common problems that many people have.

I am not sure that we can expect much support, once we are grown up. We have to make our own decisions and stick to them. Putting food into our mouths is the one decision that we all make, every day. No one forces us to eat.

From your most recent post, it sounds as if the depression causes you to eat to make yourself happy - what's called 'comfort eating'. But in fact, it doesn't work, and you've discovered that for yourself. It's a vicious circle and makes you feel worse, not better.

Have you asked the help of your GP?

Best wishes


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Hi Chris I suffer from depression as well and really know where you are coming from I started the 12 week plan but fell into deep depression again and sort of fell of the wagon I am now trying to get myself back up again but there is lots of support on here and I'm sure you will do fine

There are lots of options and lots of support for you here. What have you tried already?

Without support of family and friends it would be tough going and you'd need to be mega-determined to keep the motivation going.

If you haven't tried slimming clubs then your doctor can give you a 12 week 'pass' and if you've lost weight after that you get another one. The hardest thing is the first step through the door but the support is amazing. Practical support from people who will care about your struggle because they've struggled too

Do you have any help for your depression? Obviously at this stage we don't know much about you, your lifestyle or circumstances but it's tough going feeling alone.

There's two things I would say... You have to really WANT this. You have to say to yourself I'm stopping my bad habits and getting my weight off and learn to say no to yourself

The second thing is 'get moving' - get out in the fresh air, local gym, pool, whatever floats your boat and start to burn some calories. (It will help with the depression too)

I would steer clear of quick fix expensive gimmicks - they'll only drain your bank account and any short term losses will pile straight back on once you stop (you can't spend the next 80 years on shakes and pills can you)

You've got one offer of a support buddy up there already... Have a look around this site, see your GP, post here often and good luck to you

You have age on your side, it gets tougher the longer you leave it :-)

hi t will support you if you like i weighed nearly 21 st a month ago was am not the most motivated person regard exercise idownloaded my fitness pal on my phone which is very used full log in what you eat and drink it helps to keep track of everything i have a lot of health problems mobility not good so i know i have to do also if you talk to your doctor he will refer you to weight watchers with free tokens mine did hope i have helped you keep in touch and good luck yours patricia i am down to 19 st 5 long way to go

hi t will support you if you like i weighed nearly 21 st a month ago was am not the most motivated person regard exercise idownloaded my fitness pal on my phone which is very used full log in what you eat and drink it helps to keep track of everything i have a lot of health problems mobility not good so i know i have to do also if you talk to your doctor he will refer you to weight watchers with free tokens mine did hope i have helped you keep in touch and good luck yours patricia i am down to 19 st 5 long way to go

Dear Chris, I hope that you will gain confidence in your own ability to do this. Have you thought of joining a slimming group that you can attend once a week? I know that it is not to everyone's taste, but they can help even if it is only to put you in the right mind-set i.e. because you know that you will be weighed it will help make you determined to not cheat yourself and aim to lose something. It doesn't matter how much, even a little is a positive and will make you feel successful. Also, a good group is non-judgemental and are very supportive, mainly because everyone there, including the person running it has been where you are now. Once you find yourself on a roll, you will probably find that your confidence will have grown to such an extent that set backs, which everyone has, will not make you give up; you won't allow yourself to do that. The thing NOT to do is to starve yourself: that will not only make it harder for you to lose weight, but you will likely put on weight much quicker, as your body feels that it needs to store every little calorie. Weigh your food, count the calories accurately (or Weight Watchers Points, if you are doing that), and be honest with yourself. Also, don't deprive yourself of 'treats': just allow for them in your calculations and make adjustments where necessary. If you do that you will lose weight. Are you able to add any form of exercise, even if it is in the guise of a hobby, e.g going walking because you have taken up photography/ art/ have a dog, for instance? Good luck.

Hi Chris have you spoke to your GP about your worries toward dieting and your weight loss, admitted I am a lot older than you, but spoke to my doctor about losing weight and my surgery are running a 12 week free weight watchers through the local hospital dietitian, it may be worth making enquiries at your own surgery.

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