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New and advice needed

Hello. Im a 27 year old who gained weight when i was pregnant with my little boy. Hes turning 2 in a few weeks and im still carrying the 2 stone i gained. I really am struggleing to lose it. I walk everyday with my little boy and dont eat loads. But clearly i eat the wrong stuff. I had spd and sciatica during pregnancy which still bother me today. Any advice on how to lose weight would be very much appriciated :)

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You need to define loads! Google portion sizes go to my fitness pal app, gives loads of great advice. 100g ( a inside fist size) of protein is a option, check some sites for great recipes, aim for 1500 cals as a rule, get your doc to check for other things if needed.



Lots of advice here. My tips are to plan meals, use smaller plates and don't get too hungry.

Good luck with your journey.

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Hi Tasha,

Try MyFitnessPal, enter your details and it will give you a recommended daily allowance for calories, try to stick to that. Log everything, you'll be surprised how much snacking you do, or at least I was. Weigh everything until you get used to portion sizes. Avoid carbs, sugar and processed food, you don't have to cut them out completely just be aware that they're not good for you. It's hard to get used to at first but persevere and it will get easier :)

For exercise, if you're walking at the pace of a 2 year old that won't be very effective, while it is better than sitting around doing nothing the idea with exercise is to get your heart rate up. There's plenty of advice online for most effective heart rate range. I have lost weight by mostly walking but it is also good to do other exercise.


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I lost three stone in six months on the 5:2 Diet (otherwise known as the Fast Diet) and my daughter is now losing all the baby weight she gained at a rate of seven pounds a month. She's already down from a size 18 to a size 12 and is thrilled to bits! This little video explains more


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