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You've made a start!

Hi J. You're already heading in the right direction. It might help to keep a food diary so you can see where you can make changes. Don't make them in one go, but choose one area to start. The 12 week plan has very good tips. Depression affects many people, including my husband and he overcame his depression years ago. He has to be careful not to take on too many things even now, but is off all meds. He also put on lots of weight which he lost with hard work. He does eat when distressed, but is again managing his weight by healthy eating & breaking bad habits.

I have just started this 12 week plan and found that keeping a food diary helps. I knew some of the problem, but keeping check on how many calories were in the food has shown a few more areas where I need to make changes.

Keep going J. I wish you well.

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Thanks :).

I have an app Myfitnesspal so keeping a food diary on that :). It's amazing how little we actually need. As I'm typing this feeling hungry but suspect it's emotional of some kind :/.

I'm just off meds as none of them worked really. That was half the battle in itself. I know stress is a huge trigger for me so need to get that under wraps and then unpick these bad habits one at a time. It's a fact, anti-depressants can increase your appetite and I've heard several doctors say one particular drug caused thin and healthy people to gain 3 stone without changing their eating pattern. Scary stuff. Glad your husband is keeping well :). Stress and mental health have a lot to answer for. I actually worked in mental health before I fell of the edge of the world.

J :)


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