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12 week weight loss plan

Hi im new

Just downloaded the 12 week plan as im just below 20 stone. I have had my battles with weight before but never sustained them . In 2004 i gave up smoking hit the gym lost 3 stone and ran the great north run in 2 hours 15 mins . I then followed this up with a holiday to turkey started smoking again and ate all i wanted so the weight piled back on. I have given up the cigs for good now i hope and have joined a new gym that does not open untill october in the meantime im going for it with the 12 week plan. Wish me luck guys i nead it by the way im a 48 year young bloke.

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Im too starting this today good luck :)



Hi Jag- don't go to Turkey! Ha ha! Well done for stopping smoking- it is the single most important thing you can do- I think if you have the will power to stop smoking then you have it to lose weight. I'm four weeks into the plan and it is going great for me, and my OH who is doing it with me. Good luck.


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