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5 questions from me!

How much do you guys lose every week on average? And what do you do to lose it?

1- how many calories do you eat daily?

2- what is your favourite meal?

3- do you have cheat days? What do you have on them?

4- how much exervise do you do? How often?

5- do you use a heart rate monitor? Do you recommend it?

6- tredmill or cross trainer?

7- when did you start seeing results?

8- where did you lose weight from first?

9- did you gain extra big muscles?

10- what is your top tip?

This thread will help a lot of people I think, thanks guys!

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Sorry I mean 10 questions!


Hi Kez- I replied to your other post but will reply to your questions as well. I'm losing about 3 pounds a week, mostly through calorie counting. I'm finding that 1500 is right for me. My favourite meal? Too many, but prawn stir fry is good. I measure just a tablespoon of oil and throw in onions, garlic, ginger, chillies, peppers, water chestnuts, prawns and noodles. It is quick, easy, nutritious and low in calories and easy on the washing up!

No cheat days- this is all about breaking away from old habits so there have been no cheat days so far.

I don't do enough exercise but prefer my cross trainer and no longer use my heart monitor as I think it held me back and it was unreliable. I saw results straight away- my waist is slimmer and my clothes fit me better. I don't have big muscles!

Top tip- count everything every meal, don't leave your count until the end of the day. Best to save them up during the day so you ca have a treat in the evening. Good luck.


1- how many calories do you eat daily? I aim for a net of 1200, I eat my exercise calories if i'm still hungry.

2- what is your favourite meal? Homemade broth, eagerly awaiting the colder weather to make a panfull :)

3- do you have cheat days? What do you have on them? Not so much cheat days but if i've done alot of exercise I will have some chocolate as a reward, not too much to undo the effort but letting myself have a treat now again controls my cravings.

4- how much exervise do you do? How often? Every single day, I aim for a minimum of 1 hour a day, where I have more motivation I will do more, as much as I can fit in.

5- do you use a heart rate monitor? Do you recommend it? Nope, never tried one.

6- tredmill or cross trainer? Have never used a treadmill I go for a walk, going off my cross trainer.

7- when did you start seeing results? I still can't 'see' them, the scales tell me i've lost 24lbs and my clothes do fit better, I've even went down a size but when I look at myself I still can't see the changes, I can feel them though, I started feeling them immediately.

8- where did you lose weight from first? Legs

9- did you gain extra big muscles? My legs have definition and when I clench the muscles you can see them but they are defintitely not big bulgy muscles.

10- what is your top tip? Don't see it as a diet, that implies a fad and a return to normal afterward, think of it as a lifestyle change, it's forever.


Hi Kez, firstly good luck and hope you reach your goal weight.

1 - I calulated my calorie in take by calulating my TDee (total daily energy expenditure) I used a calculator on this website iifym.com/tdee-calculator/ If you know your accurate body fat percentage use the Katch-McCardle Formula. Otherwise use the Harris-Bennidict Formula and minus 5% from it immediately.

Be honest with your activity level, rememeber that once you have established a routine you will need to calculate again to ensure you do not consume too few calories.

Next from your TDee minus 500 calories or upto 20% this will give you roughly 1lb loss a week (more intially but then it will become regular)

By following these steps I came to an intake of 1800 calories a day, which has worked for me and I never starving and no headaches.

2 - Favourite meal is a tough one, 5 bean chilli with quorn mince and either hard taco or soft taco with home made gaucomole seems to be the front runner this week. It has a good balance of carbs / fats / protein.

3 - I don't tend to have cheat days, I try and allow myself to have the foods I love the most within my weekly meal plan, a whole cheat day for me wouldn't work as I would most likely over over indulge.

4 - I workout 6 days a week with one rest day. I am following tony hortons power90 which is the beginners version of P90x. I don't use a gym and this program requires very little equipment and around 45 mins a day to complete. It is an alternating program of resistance with some weights & cardio. It is a 90 day program which you can do over and over or progress on to p90x if you are ready.

5 - Yes I do wear a heart rate monitor this helps to accurately log my calorie burn and also ensures that as I get fitter that I push myself more in my work out so that my calorie burn stays fairly consistant.

6 - Treadmill & Cross trainer not really my thing, I find the program I am doing is more substantial.

7- After my first week I saw good results as I took pictures the day before I started, and then again the week after and compared, after 2 weeks I started to really notice an improvement in my fitness level less shortness of breath and was able to complete the program with more pace.

8 - For me I lose weight on my face first, and judging by my weekly body measurements my waistline has seen the biggest change although with my arms I am toning and gaining muscle so they are getting bigger and smaller at the same time with more and more definition each week.

9 - I didn't gain extra big muscles, not sure what you mean exactly by that. But as I am cutting fat and gaining muscle the only place I can see muscle definition is my arms and legs.

10 - Top tip is don't pay too much attention to the scales, take pictures every week or fortnight and use physical markers like which notch your belt is on, or how something which was once really tight to wear fits you now.


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