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I really want a cake...


I started going to the gym a month ago and watching what I'm eating since Thursday...I really want a cake. However I have 4 stone to lose....between 19.00 and 22.00 every day all I can think of is cake or chocolate or more cake. Help me take my mind of it :)

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Why not have a child's portion of chocolate eg, freddo or kinder bar. Just buy one, not a multi pack and factor it in to your daily intake. I usually save it until the evening, knowing you have something to look forward to helps!

You can still eat cake and loose weight you just can't eat it every day between 7 and 10pm!

I think sometimes we talk ourselves into wanted things when we have told ourselves we can't have them. I've lost nealry 5st so far since January and I haven't given up eating treats like cake I just have them less often. I try to reason with myself before I'll eat them. Am I hungry or do I just want it because I can? Have I been extra specially good recently and therefore can afford a little treat? If I have it will I want more?

Generally if I'm hungry then I have a drink of water and see if I still feel hungry. It may be that you need to eat a healthy snack at that time to stop you being so hungry and thinking about sweet treats.

you can also try excercising as that gives you a rush of endorphins which make you feel good.

If you have to eat it then maybe find a recipe that is healthier for you so you don't feel as guilty.

You've hit the nail on the head. I just want it because I can not because I'm hungry. I'm just so inpatient. If I don't lose weight immediately I get miserable and think well I might as well have a cake. I'll try the water thing. And definitely get a supply of freddos for emergencies.

Do you log what you have eaten each day? I found this an excellent way of keeping track of how much ive eaten and whether or not I can afford a treat. The freddos are an excellent idea as they give a taste of what you fancy without you having too much. Just make sure you just have 1 not 3 or 4!

I use myfitnesspal to log my calories.

You could try taking up a hobby. I knit and find keeping my fingers and brain busy means I'm less likely to think about eating.

I say, one night have a small piece of cake. I find when I get home from work, all I want to do is eat bread and jam, so I started diner as soon as I walk through the door. I drink two or three glasses of water, eat copious amounts of fruit but sometimes, my self discipline crumbles and I eat bread. I then feel so bad. My husband said he's going to put a lock on the bread box. Now that would make me feel just too gluttony. My BMI is 30.13.


Liquorice tea is nice, slightly sweet too, some great herbal teas around too, and what about a few frozen grapes?

Far less cals than cake!

I too used MyFitnessPal and I lost my weight (three stone) on the 5:2 Diet so two non-consecutive days at 500 calories. If I had enough calories left in the day and felt desperate for chocolate I'd have a Chocolate Options drink. The little Freddo bars are ideal too to satisfy that chocolate craving - DO NOT BUY THE MULTIPACK! And I agree with Diana that Liquorice tea is delicious and completely virtuous!

Good Luck Katie. I like the replies, especially Pinkymoo's. Most of the day I aim to be eating good, healthy low fat/low sugar snacks. Occasionally I have a little treat. It is good if you can leave it later in the day so you have something to look forward to. If you really need a little sugar (and trust yourself not to have too much) have a little spoon of jam or a little piece of chocolate or a plain biscuit and while you eat it say to yourself, " I am having a little treat because I really fancy it but I know I can't do this often because I am dieting." and enjoy it and tell yourself afterwards " I had my little treat and I enjoyed it and the next thing I eat will be healthy". That's what I am doing and I am losing weight slowly. Good luck. Happy eating. Have a good day :)


Go to bed with a good book. Or go out for a run or walk. Essentially get out of the situation which is stimulating the craving.

I think if you get a stock of Freddos in for emergencies you may find you have a lot of emergencies.

I'd definitely second the suggestions that telling yourself you can't have X is a sure fire route to wanting it.

Don't bother with "low fat" anything, because low fat equals higher sugar or aspartame, which is far worse. Try to eat a little less of whatever. Personally I would say eat a piece of fruit when you "need" something sweet, because at least it has super nutritional value. Do not buy multi packs of anything, as in weak moments the lot can disappear! If you look at how much exercise you need to do to use the calories from a mars bar, you will be exercising for hours with what takes one or two minutes to devour! It is far easier to not eat a high calorifc food than it is to utilise the calories consumed. Our body is amazing at being able to use the energy that we have stored in our body in a very economical way. Once I understood that far better, I could see the logic in not eating it in the first place and replacing it with something that will actually do my body some good ie a piece of fruit or veg, nuts or seeds. The fat you want to get rid of, is stored energy, that is waiting to be used, by eating more chocolate you are adding to the stock pile.

Help your immune system by feeding it with healthy fruit, veg, nuts and seeds. If you learn what is beneficial about each of these items then you will start to appreciate what they can add to your health. I can now eat celery and grapefruit, not together, which I struggled with before. It is good to try something new every so often. If everyone ate far more than the 5 a day of fruit, veg and also nuts and seeds, the health of the nation would improve radically and the national health bill would be reduced probably by 50%. Remember sugar is a drug and that is what you mare feeling at 7pm, also there are chemicals in the flavouring of foods that are designed to make you want more. It is not you being "greedy", it is your brain being controlled by the chemicals in processed foods. That is another reason for trying to cut out as many processed foods as possible and buying natural foods. Read, read and research, you will be amazed by what you find out.


Ha, I tried freezing a supply of Freddoes .. one a day was the plan....then found that they were still quite edible straight from the freezer albeit a little cold on the teeth lol .

Thanks Elliebath,

I was having a Monday-ish struggle with the chores and getting quite irritated. Then I read about your frozen Freddoes and haven't stopped smiling.

Hi Katie,

i started on this 12 week plan 2 weeks ago, and despite feeling daunted by the calorie counting (not to mention the 5 stone that i need to lose) i have already lost 5lbs and the craving for cake etc has definitely shifted. I've found it helpful to know when my challenging times will be, and plan to have a smoothie, or low fat treat, or just to be busy doing something else that will distract me. This forum is really helpful, and the calorie counting is easier than you might think. Try to stick with it - good luck!


The best way to bolster your resolve is to eat real, unprocessed food that you like.

Then, change your paradigm. Cake is a relatively recent addition to the human diet. Whoever said "let them eat cake" was having a laugh, because people that couldn't afford bread would never have been able to afford the ingredients for cake.

Fast forward to today, and cake consumption is culturally encouraged. "You can have a little of what you fancy, as a treat". Where does this originate from? The food industry. Is it true? Well, the problem is how small an amount and how infrequent 'a little' is. Too much fructose causes down-regulation of the pleasure-centres of the brain, like an addictive drug. That means you 'need' more of it to give you a high, or eventually to stop you feeling low, just like other drugs. This is not speculation; there is now evidence from MRI scans to prove this!

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