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I am a weight loss newbie! What are the basics?

I weigh 11st 6lbs and am 5'4". I had a baby last April and looking to shift some of the weight. I am aiming to lose a stone.

How do I even begin? I have been told that your weight changes throuout the day, so when should I do my daily/weekly weigh ins? How do i measure my waist/thighs? (suck in or not)

Sorry for daft questions, my GP was no help at all!

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Start with basics! I assume you are not breast feeding? Portion sizes are a must, 100g is roughly a palm size, that is of protein. Protein is great for filling you up.

I have poached/scrambled eggs for breakfast most days, with fruit, a banana, kiwi fruit or pink grapefruit. If not a slice of toast with almond butter.

Lunch is normally a roll, with slice of cheese, prawns or cold meat.

Dinner meat or fish, with pasta, veg or potato or rice, measure those starch portions too.

I nearly always have two roughly 100 cal snacks a day too.

Check out the sites for measurement tips.

Drink plenty of water, herbal tea, black tea/coffee, buy smaller plates and enjoy!


Me too!!!! I have tried every diet going and I know how to eat healthy but just can't do it. I am at my heaviest now and I am worried about my health.


As I've answered on your other page, I lost three stone on the 5:2 Diet. Once my daughter stopped breastfeeding she started it too and is losing half a stone a month and is thrilled to bits.

will explain more. Make sure you take your waist and hip measurements before you start and weigh yourself once a week first thing in the morning (post-wee/pre-tea) - log everything you eat on MyFitnessPal and don't cheat as you're only cheating yourself.

Eat from smaller plates too.

I never eat breakfast, have a small lunch, usually soup, and then eat the rest of my calorie allowance as an evening meal around 6pm. I then don't eat anything at all until lunch the next day. I feel fantastic and have so much more energy than I used to have!


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