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BMI restriction on transplants in Wales

Last year I was on the transplant list in Wales. 6 months ago I was told that I was off the list because the Welsh Assembly Government has decreed an arbitrary BMI limit on transplant patients. Because of this I am effectively condemned to life on dialysis. I t is no coincidence that next year there will be a compulsory donation scheme applicable to those dieing in Wales, the WAG have already removed a large tranche of potential recipients, thereby reducing the number of potential clashes with reluctant relatives of the cadaver. Is anyone else affected by this or am just paranoid about the dismal performance of the WAG?

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You cannot change the big boys decision, so just tackle the things you can change.

This site will give you lots of advice and a lot of people use my fitness pal, a free site to log your foods and keep within your calorie allowance. I don't know what your medical condition involves as far as diet goes. but I have lots of veg on my meals and fruit for snacks. If you can drink alcohol, have a spirit with low calorie mixer. Just don't buy the biscuits, sweets and crisps as they are temptation you can do without. Try, if you can, to up your activity levels as that will help to burn off a bit of excess and tone you up.

Sorry to hear of your predicament with WAG.


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