My weight keeps fluctuating I don't understand any ideas?

I have been doing the nhs plan, so far I have lost 2 stone which I am so happy with but then recently I haven't been able to lose any weight. My weight keeps fluctuating by 1 - 2 kg I don't understand why I have kept with the healthy eating apart from one cake slip up. I am quite active cycling everywhere and work in a restaurant so am constantly on my feet. Has anyone got any ideas as I am puzzled and it is starting to get to me

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  • Well first of all well done for losing 2 stone, that is amazing! Without knowing how much you have to lose its not easy to see what could help, and to be honest I am still on the journey so probably not qualified to give you advice but maybe your body is happy where it is for now just keep doing what you are doing keep the faith,and be happy in the fact that you are 2 stones less than you were before....

  • I think it's normal for weight to fluctuate! Fluid retention can occur at different times in the month, that can be a factor. Also, how often you've been to the loo?

  • Hi there congratulations, wish it was me! I believe that our body can get to a stage that it wants to go back to its original weight, like the fat cells have a memory, so you have to trick it by doing something different. wishing you well

  • Hi, firstly congratulations on your weight loss so far. Some times our bodies reach what they call a "plateau" during our weight loss journey. I too struggled with this until my GP told me to over eat and no exercise for a whole weekend and then go back to my usual healthy eating and exercising regime from the monday morning. I did it and surprisingly it worked. By doing this you are apparently confusing your body thus shocking it back into losing weight again. Hope this is of help to you.

  • Thank you very much for the replies.

    I'm hoping that is a temporary thing and that I can trick my body. thanks for all the advice I really appreciate it, Good luck in all your journeys :)

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