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so I'm starting a blog where I'll be documenting my way to a healthier lifestyles... if you want to start with me and lets help each other come visit the blog or even follow! FOR ALL SISTERS OUT THERE WHO ARE TAKING THEIR LIVES BACK AND LOOKING FOR A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY! modifiedperfection.wordpres...

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I have also started on a mission to loose weigh once and for all. So ive ditched the dieting and am following a healthy eating regime. After months and months of researching, i have found my path.

I started a Facebook page called Pam's healthy highway. There, I share tips, info and recipes.

To date I have lost over 22lb without ever feeling deprived or hungry. I even eat chocolate most evenings!

So I hope we can encourage each other on our journey


thank you I'll most def be checking it out! and congratulations on your achievement


l would love to join you l keep trying but failing l am hoping doing it with somebody else we can gee one another along be patient l am still trying to use the site so hope l can find my way back bye for now.


Lol! You could follow my blog as I will be posting regularly or here's my email and we can keep in touch! bnisthename@gmail.com GoodLuck!


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