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Exercise guidelines?

Hello all, I'm trying to use the 12 week plan charts. I'm down with the 1400 cals a day business, but I'm confused about the exercise. There's space on the chart for strength/aerobic exercise but I'm not sure how much of each of these to aim for. Is it specified anywhere? The food side of things has a clear target, but exercise is confusing me! Any help appreciated.

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Down the very bottom is weekly summary. Aim for 150mins aerobic and a couple of sessions of strength a week. Hope this helps and good luck

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Oh I see! Great, thanks for that. Do you or anyone else have any idea how long the strengh sessions are meant to be? I've noticed on NHS website there are some 10 minute ones that they recommend so maybe that's enough. Thanks :)


Sorry I don't know how long for strength sessions, but you can download an Nhs strength and stretch podcast from website. Haven't used it myself as I do Pilates


If you have a gym membership try doing a class, if you want to change shape I would try body pump other wise give Pilates or body balance a whirl, or any abs based class for strength and toning! Enjoy


Thanks for your input, guys :)


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