Surprised by this weigh in!

Surprised by this weigh in!

Just weighed myself this morning and according to the scales I have GAINED 1lb in the past 2 weeks, but according to my measurements I have LOST 4 inches!!!

Whilst I am disappointed by the weight gain I do know I haven't been able to exercise as I would have liked, due to recovery from operation and I have had 2 days where I went a little bit off my calorie intake target, so I shouldn't really be surprised that I have gained. On the positive side of things I am chuffed by the inches that have been shed - this is great!

Here's to a positive next 2 weeks :D


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6 Replies

  • Don't worry too much, just keep going. I've learnt my weight loss journey requires that I deal with the dips as well as the successes. It feels so good when you review take action and see the fruits of your labour the following wk.

  • Thank you :)

  • Your weight varies day to day too.

  • Over the last month I went down from 13 stone 12 pounds to 13 stone 10 pounds, then back up to 13 stone 12 pounds, and today am 13 stone 10 pounds again, but have had an indian takeaway this evening so expect to be more like 13 stone 12 pounds tomorrow which is when I do my official weigh in. I know its all due to what I'm eating and how much exercise I am getting. Went to a concert last night and found out to my delight that for the first time in years I could rest my elbows next to my body inside the arm rests, rather than having no choice but rest them on the arms rests.

  • Hi Fordie777, I know what you mean! I've lost a small amount from round my thigh and waist but the scales are so de-motivating! I have been doing a lot more exercise than I used to and thought the weight would fall off quite easily but apparently not! I'm enjoying it though so happy to persevere, hoping it works as a long term goal.

    Well done for losing inches though, 4 inches is amazing. Just think how much healthier you must be with 4 inches less fat on you! Congratulations and keep going with your positive efforts.

  • Thank you very much Blanket for your encouragement. I hope you continue to enjoy your new healthy lifestyle :)

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