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What are the best drinks for being healthy and losing weight?

What are the best drinks for being healthy and losing weight? Obviously water is the best drink, but what else? Would tea and coffee be considered healthy drinks? I feel like an idiot for drinking fruit smoothies in the past (Innocent smoothies) and thinking I was doing something healthy, as recently there have been lots of stories in the media about smoothies being the devil's brew due to the high amount of fructose and acid in them.

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I like fuit teas. I do have tea and coffee with skimmed milk in and it's only 14kcals. Zero sugar cola and lemonade sometimes. Very dilute fruit juice. Skimmed milk. Or for alcohol, low cal lager, G& low calorie tonic. White wine spritzer made with carbonated water. Majority of the time I just have water though.


Hi Anthony2014,

Actually, fruit smoothies aren't necessarily that awful - in moderation. The thing with fruit juices, is that you're inclined to lose out on the dietary fibre which you would have had if you had just eaten the fruit, rather than bashed the juice out of it.

But it's more a case of what not to drink. Full fat lattes, for example. Drinking chocolate is probably a no too. I do still drink lattes, but I make them with skimmed milk. All those fizzy sugary drinks - you know the ones the sweet shops are full of - they all go in the bin really.

Alcohol - well read the alcohol and weight loss bit of the drink aware site for yourself. If you want to lose weight, reign your alcohol consumption in pretty tight for the duration.

Some of the 'posh' type spritzer drinks - perhaps not too bad, but check the calories out.

Tea and coffee - fine, but not with sugar and full fat milk. I use skimmed milk. I also drink green (and also white) tea which are full of anti-oxidants. Often have white tea with meals. We use a Chinese style teapot and little handle-less cups, like the sets they use to serve Jasmine tea in the Chinese restaurants.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


Thanks. I am just drinking water in the day, and Darjeeling tea with skimmed milk at night.


I've read that there is something in tea that encourages the body to retain fat but I don't know how true that is...


Hi Pudgeypal,

Well I drink quite a bit of it and it didn't make me retain mine!

Really can't think of anything in tea that would do that. Unless it's got something to do with caffeine causing sleeplessness. But I would have thought that to be particularly relevant to tea.


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