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Week 5 of the Losing Weight - Getting Started plan

This post is a few days late but my boyfriend was down for the weekend so my normal routine went out of the window. Sorry guys!

Speaking of the boyfriend's visit, my diet this weekend also went completely out of the window! As it was Valentine's weekend we went out for dinner on Saturday evening as well as lunch in the afternoon and I pretty much just ignored my diet for about 4 days. Oops. However, I did lose 1/2 lb this week and half an inch off my waist so at least the exercise seems to be paying off. I'm still working hard for my TaeKwon-Do grading so I'm training 3-4 times a week as well as trying to get to the gym when I can.

This week I started to get those dreaded cravings. I tried my best to be good but as the weekend came around, I lost my willpower. Week 6 will therefore be concentrating on getting back to the diet and behaving again, all before I spend 5 days in Plymouth with my best friend. I can see the beginning of week 7 not being so healthy already... Oh dear.

That's all for now, I will try to remember to post my week 6 update before I go away to Plymouth but I'm not promising anything. My memory is awful!

Until then, keep working hard everyone and remember to make small goals for yourself that are easy to reach.

Little_Miss_TKD x

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Ive had good weeks and bad weeks..then I start again...im at bmi of 25.30 so not giving up..stay with it...you will get there..


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