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What's your main motivation for loosing weight?

Mine is probably because I'm trying to get pregnant and I know that your weight plays a part in that.

Secondly if I do get pregnant I don't want to be overweight and pregnant or be a fat mummy.

The way I see it it's win win. I I get pregnant as a result of loosing weight then I've achieved my goal. If I loose the weight but I don't get pregnant then there are still other options for me to have children and I'll be healthy enough to look after them for a long long time.

what are your motivators?

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Reduce cholesterol.


Mine is to look good, feel healthy and BUY MORE CLOTHES!


Hi pinkymoo,

I't's so important for people to relate their weight loss efforts to their real lives.

I'm a great believer in people being clear that the process has a pay-off for them. personally.

Clearly, losing significant excess weight has a range of health gains, not least improving your mobility, less strain on hips, ankles, etc and I suspect quite a few people undertake weight loss in order to keep up with the pace of modern life. (Alias their kids, or grand-kids!)

And self-esteem can play a bit part. No, I'm not talking vanity. But being significantly overweight and/or the "fattie" of a social group, or work group, isn't a bundle of laughs really.

But, I do try to stress that point - when I got to the end of my weight loss journey, I felt just so much better both physically and psychologically. It is so worthwhile.

I still just can't believe I didn't 'take the bull by the horns' years earlier.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Hi Doikosp,

I wanted to lose weight, so I could get back into my old clothes. Never thought about Self-esteem, but now I realise that was missing as well, as I've lost weight, my Self-esteem has returned by the bucket-load, I feel about 20 years younger. It's amazing having a spring back in my step.


Hi legs2013,

I suspect half the UK heard the "yes!" when I fitted into the new 32 inch waist jeans!

And to feel good about that

AND think you've done something that has significantly reduced your health risks for a whole range of problems ...

AND that sense of self-empowerment too - you know that "I took control of my weight - I put right what was wrong with my eating habits" thing ....

AND moving around in that lighter, slimmer, less-effort-to-move-around-in body.

Yeah for sure, losing the excess weight can be a bit of an effort at first, but the rewards are sooooo worth the bit of inconvenience.


I'm getting married and I'm fatter than my bridesmaids!


I realised my weight gain came from the awful experiences I had from my ex-partner. He knocked my confidence so much that I stopped exercising/going out and I found food comforting. My motivation to lose weight is a psychological one that he won't have won and it's a way of getting back some ownership of myself and my life. I've overcome a lot to have what I've got in my life today so the weight feels like the final hurdle to getting rid of my 15 years of domestic abuse. I'm hoping it will be a cleansing experience!


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