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Lost 2 pounds

Weighed myself on the WiiFit today and am 13 stone 10 pounds BMI 29.17. Have lost 2 pounds since last weekend. I was 14 stone 13 pounds BMI 32.81 on Christmas Eve which is around about the time I started eating healthily. Have been eating healthily since then, with a bit of exercise - walking in the evenings and going on the exercise bike now and then. Am going to try to increase the time I spend on the exercise bike. I've got a week's holiday at home at the moment which is when I normaly start scoffing, however I am sticking to my healthy eating this time as I need to eat healthily to reduce my cholesterol regardless of losing weight.

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Well done, keep it up you're doing really well.

I'm off this week too and planning to try and keep myself occupied so I don't scoff stuff as well. My over matter!

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