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Love the jelly!!

Hi everyone

I'm on week 4 of the plan and I've very pleased so far as I've lost a stone,something that has really helped me is the Hartley sugar free jelly,especially the raspberry,it's minimal in calories but just gives you that sweet fix when you feel picky so give it a try,I also tried the weightwatchers jelly but it wasn't a patch on Hartleys x

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Hi booster8joanne I to love the Hartleys sf jelly for taking my sugar craving away also I've just started doing the 5:2 diet and find those ideal when calorie counting.Tesco 5 for £2


I love it too! I don't buy the ready-made as it's expensive, but I make up a sachet at a time, divide it between little pots and have one a day after my dinner. Sometimes I add a tin of fruit in juice, mandarins with the orange one, raspberries (obviously) with the raspberry one, blackberries with the blackcurrant one, or fresh strawberries in the summer in the strawberry one. Very satisfying too.


I love it too. I put a weight watchers fromage frais (with fruit, 50 cals) on top, and it is sublime! Very well done with the amazing weight loss.



if you like the sugar free jelly then hear is another treat for you make up your jelly in a jug let it cool then into whisk or mix in it a low fat mullar any flavour and pour into empty yoghurt pots it makes a lovely milk jelly slimming world style .


I'm gonna give this a go. Hubby got this for me with shopping. :-D


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