Valentines meal dress (motivational post :))

Valentines meal dress (motivational post :))

On the weekly weigh in we were talking about shopping and how lovely it is to buy stuff that looks nice rather than just because it fits.

My greatest achievement is not having massive (just small now you understand) love handley bits poking out when I try stuff on, last valentines I was size 16 this year a 12 - however this dress Tesco, like M&S come up a bit large and its a 10 :) Opaque tights and black heels and I will be good to go! Top tip buy yourself something you look nice in as you loose pounds rather than waiting once your big clothes start to hang... and if you stick to the 12 week plani it will, Good luck everyone and enjoy Valentines day what ever you do!

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  • Love the dress!

    I agree it is important to buy new clothes as it really makes it easier to see the progress (and for others to notice as well :D )

  • Maybe that is why I so miserable - I am refusing to buy new clothes....

  • ...0f course I could just be plain miserable and nothing to do with clothes...

  • Lol! Go on treat yourself Mrs Marathon, and not a new running top either!

  • Amazing post thank you :-) I bought a pair of jeans I really liked skinnies couple of weeks back and I was barely fitting into them and was not able to zip them. couple of weeks down the line on 12 weeks plan I lost bit of weight and I now fit into them fine!!!!I find it really rewarding!!!!I agree its important to get new clothes as you loose for self confidence :-)

  • I absolutely love being able to wear tight fitting clothes now to enhance my tiny waist and flat tummy! I was a size 16 and used to hide my bulges under voluminous clothes. I hoped to end up as a size 12 but I ended up a size 10, losing three stone in six months on the 5:2 Diet and have maintained that since last April by just fasting (up to 500 calories) one day a week. I haven't been so slim or so fit and healthy since my teens! And I love my skinny jeans!

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