#WLC week 4. Stressed out!!!

I was so stressed out after doing a midweek weigh in as I'd gained a pound and felt really disappointed by that but after some great advice on the forum about staying focused I just threw myself back into it and when I did my 4 week weigh in this morning I'd lost another 2 and a half pounds so I'm truly ecstatic!!,also gone down into my next stone which for me was the biggest thing,I've lost a stone now in 4 weeks and I'll be smiling all day today!! Hope everyone else has positive weigh ins today! Xxx


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2 Replies

  • Well done, that's great! You did fantastically not letting your midweek weigh in ruin the rest of your week. I fallen prey to that in the past and discovered that whichever way the scales went midweek it didn't help, if i had put on I would get dishearten and over eat and if I did well i would end up convincing myself it was ok to have that chocolate bar as I'd done well. I hope that you are feeling very proud of yourself for not falling into that trap and doing so well this week.

  • Thanks so much for your lovely reply,I did have a bit of a blow out yesterday but I'm back on track again now today as I have a birthday party to go to on Saturday,hope you have a great week x

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