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This is the story of my life, I lost about 2 stone before Christmas put it all back on and so now I start again well tomorrow. Do I feel bad no I love food but once I loose control I seem to eat all bad foods mainly white bread. During January I tried to control my self but sadly this did not last a day. So Monday is going to be tough at work and if I can get on track tomorrow I think I may stick with it.

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One thing that's really helped me is the my fitness pal app. I love that it's really quick and easy to use, and exercise gives you extra calories you're allowed. It has really helped with my motivation, as has making a commitment to put my weight on here every week for everyone to see! Good luck! Let us all know how you get on!


Well done in losing the 2 stone...in the first place...you can do it again..eat breakfast, lunch and dinner...and snacks will be less...


Please watch this BBC Horizon programme which changed my life (Eat, Fast and Live Longer vimeo.com/54089463). Until I watched it I always yoyo dieted - lost the weight and put it all back on again and more, but I lost three stone up to last April and have kept it off ever since.

As miss_p suggested, the MyFitnessPal app is brilliant. And don't buy white bread. Diets start at the supermarket!


Hi spud49,

So you know you can lose the weight you want to then.

How about weaning yourself off of the worse parts of what your are eating? Say limit you bread to 2 slices a day. And ditch the white stuff, if you're going to eat bread then make it good quality wholegrain stuff.

And perhaps do similarly with any other 'problem' area - e.g. two diet Digestives a day max, or whatever.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


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