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This is the story of my life, I lost about 2 stone before Christmas put it all back on and so now I start again well tomorrow. Do I feel bad no I love food but once I loose control I seem to eat all bad foods mainly white bread. During January I tried to control my self but sadly this did not last a day. So Monday is going to be tough at work and if I can get on track tomorrow I think I may stick with it.


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  • One thing that's really helped me is the my fitness pal app. I love that it's really quick and easy to use, and exercise gives you extra calories you're allowed. It has really helped with my motivation, as has making a commitment to put my weight on here every week for everyone to see! Good luck! Let us all know how you get on!

  • Well done in losing the 2 the first can do it breakfast, lunch and dinner...and snacks will be less...

  • Please watch this BBC Horizon programme which changed my life (Eat, Fast and Live Longer Until I watched it I always yoyo dieted - lost the weight and put it all back on again and more, but I lost three stone up to last April and have kept it off ever since.

    As miss_p suggested, the MyFitnessPal app is brilliant. And don't buy white bread. Diets start at the supermarket!

  • Hi spud49,

    So you know you can lose the weight you want to then.

    How about weaning yourself off of the worse parts of what your are eating? Say limit you bread to 2 slices a day. And ditch the white stuff, if you're going to eat bread then make it good quality wholegrain stuff.

    And perhaps do similarly with any other 'problem' area - e.g. two diet Digestives a day max, or whatever.

    Good luck with your weight loss efforts.

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