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#WLC Week 4

So last week I had lost 1lb and was at 10st3 and this week I weighed my self (prior to breakfast) and I seem to be between 10st2 and 10st1...so I am really pleased with that result. I have had a great productive week and my exercises are coming along really well, I have also found I am no longer wanting to snack in the evenings and I'm not craving chocolate, crisps or sweets any more..though my thirst for coffee hasn't disappeared, but 2 cups in 1 month is still quite an achievement for me...However I have found my sleep has been really disrupted this week, anyone else had this problem?

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I. Take 1mg of melatonin to regulate my sleep


To be honest I seem to go through phases, one week I will sleep really well and the next I wont...but I think it might be a case of taking a bit of time to relax before bed where I am not on the laptop or watching tv or reading.


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