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#WLCw2 3 pounds lost!

Hi all. First weigh in today and I'm so pleased with myself because I have lost 3lbs. I have stuck to the calorie allowance, and started to do 30 mins walk or movement every day. On the night \i had strong sugar cravings I looked at this forum and week 4 of the programme about cravings. I find it reassuring to know that a craving only lasts about 30 minutes. As I live alone, I had nobody to tie me down, so willpower it had to be. I'm setting myself goals week by week as if I think of the 2 stone I need to lose for a healthy BMI I get overwhelmed. So for week 2, I aim to lose weight again by repeating week one and increasing my exercise to 40 minutes daily, maybe in 2 x 20 minute slots. I've stayed off the junk food, and my new taste buds are now 25% grown, so I tell myself at the end of each day that the longer I stay off the junk, the nearer I am to losing the taste for it. OK then, let's boogie on down to some Earth Wind and Fire. (Actually, it's more like 'the robot' as I'm so bloody stiff). My cat's gonna luurve this :) Good luck to us all for the coming week 2.

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Congratulations, really pleased for you.


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