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It's that time of year again when we find our inboxes flooded with Spam encouraging us to part with our well earned cash for a guaranteed quick fix solution to being overweight.

I'm seeing things sent to me like this several times a day at the moment "One Spray A Day Keeps The Fat Away" - Keep that New Year's resolution to lose weight NOW Just spray this into your mouth once a day and enjoy the same benefits as a 60-minute workout. Obviously the majority of us can see this for what it is, complete rubbish but there are other advertisements than can often sound more convincing, some even peddled by reputable and trusted household names. It really winds me up because these individuals and organisations prey on the misery and desperation of people who are often in a quite bad place both emotionally and physically.

The truth of the matter is, as most of us know, there is no silver bullet when it come to weight loss, if you purchase said supplements, if you're lucky you'll escape with just lightening your wallet, if you're unlucky you could end up damaging your health, perhaps even permanently, as a lot of these products via the internet are distributed in this and other countries unlicenced from dubious sources, meaning you could be ingesting absolutely anything.

If you ever feel slightly tempted or convinced by one of these advertisements the please keep one thing in mind folks, if there is ever a real practical working medicinal solution found and made available for obesity, then we would all be the first to know about it, because it would be headline news around the Globe everywhere for weeks if not months to come!

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Hi OlsBean,

Absolutely agree.

The bit that really gets my goat is the implications that there IS some magic formula, or miracle diet, or some such wonderous solution somewhere to be found.

Of course - perhaps sadly - that is total cobblers.

It's just so much more about daring to take control of one's eating and exercise/activity.

The bottom line of it all is that if you eat and move like someone who is very overweight then you will become very overweight. If you eat and move around like someone who is normal weight, your body will adapt to that and become normal weight over time.

(That generalisation, as always, with some exceptions for people with certain underlying medical conditions).

The key really is to eat the right amount of the right things by having an eating regime which results in you eating good nutritious food, without consuming excessive carbs or fat, in moderate amounts (i.e. doing proper portion control) and getting the timing / frequency of your meals and snacks right.

So it becomes about dropping "bad" habits (overeating, comfort-eating, boredom-eating, eating too much fatty food or too many high-carb things, eating too frequently) and getting into "good" ones.

And no-one has to fork out any great amount of money to do that - there's lots of good free advice on the NHS live well lose weight web pages and even a free 12 week plan.

But, yes, it does take a bit of effort and a bit of resolve. But the results are marvellous when you get there. When you reach a normal weight and are no longer lugging around all that 'extra' weight 24/7.

I still don't believe it took me so long for the penny to drop and for me to address my overweight - I should have done it years earlier. I guess better late than never, though.

Best of luck to everyone with their weight loss or - if you've already lost it - maintenance efforts.


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