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An advent of ideas 7: packaged foods have their uses

This has been a hard lesson for me and the opposite to what lots of people hear. I've found that using some packaged foods has helped give me a better feel for portion control. I could never manage to make porridge in the microwave as it was so messy, always did it on the stove until on holiday I could only buy sachets (Sainbury's Organic so not loads of additives) I then realised that my mistake had been quite simply making too much (even considering that we have quite large bowls)

I've also found some of the lunch pots useful, again for acquiring portion control and realising that I can feel satisfied for long enough on that amount.

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I agree with you. The first thing I learned I watched the Michael Mosley documentary, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" was to eat from smaller plates. Then, once the first 5:2 book came out, I bought calorie counted food for my two fasting days, adding an individual pack of steamed vegetables. I previously used to eat far too much - no wonder I was overweight!


I sypathise re porage, have had lots of accidents! I also have an emergency microwave store cupboard pot. Baxters 'deli inspired' range.OK some sugar & a bit salty but otherwise good ingredients. vegetarian and with pulses so generally high fibre. eg butternut squash with marscopne and giant butterbeans.


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