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Hopefully back on track now after foot operation

I put on only 2lbs when out of action for 2 weeks, so I was pleased (and amazed) with that. That was my weigh in last week.

Today I am pleased to say I have lost 3lbs so am back on track - still + 3lbs from my pre holiday weight mid September but my aim is to lose that in the next 2 weeks.

I managed a 30 minute walk yesterday, which probably was a bit much, but it felt good to be getting back in control.

I have revised my goal for Christmas - I was hoping to be 15lbs lighter than I am now, but that isn't very realistic with everything that has been going on, so my new goal is 14 st - so 8lbs lighter than I am today. It will be a challenge but hopefully will keep me focussed.

Hope everyone has a good week.


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well done mate and best wishes for your goal


Hi Bispers,

I think you're doing really well. Congratulations! I think your revised goal of losing 8 pounds before Christmas sounds realistic - I don't think this time of year is an easy time, as there are so many adverts on TV showing so many tempting treats etc. It can be difficult to stay on track. But it's great to have the support of so many like-minded people on this site, and that is really helpful.

Hope you have another positive week.

Lowcal :-)


Good revision on your goal for xmas - I would like to achieve the same - but will power very weak at the moment!


Sorry to hear that will power is weak at the moment - as you know, we all go through it at some point (sometimes more than once). Think how far you have already come and feel proud of yourself. Look forward to seeing how you are doing in the run up to Christmas - us both wanting to achieve the same is certainly a good motivation for me to keep trying and hopefully will be the same for you.



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