#WLC WK3 Stuck!!!!

After alternate daily runs of between 45 mins and 80 mins and keeping to 1200 cals most days ( it was my husbands birthday this week and it would have been positively rude ;-) not to join in the party )

I have managed to lose the grand total of NOTHING!!!!!

Proper fed up. :-(

Mind you I've gained nothing as well so here's looking to next week's weigh in.


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11 Replies

  • Im starting week 4 and lost 1lb!!!! sticking to everything and feeling pretty frustrated : (

  • Yes, it's very frustrating, but we must remember that a pound a week for a year is 3st 10lb.

  • Hli Im on week two and all I aim for is to loose 1lb a week any more is a bonus. So in 12 weeks I should of shed 12lb almost a stone. You can do it girl.

  • HI Runningman,

    Keep up your regime, it is bound to pay dividends in time. Hopefully next week you'll be reporting a loss. At least you didn't gain anything this week (as you say).

    Keep going. Hope you get the loss you deserve next week!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal.

    I haven't lost the will to carry on yet .:-) Roll on next week.

  • You could try just eating 500 calories two non-consecutive days a week (600 for men). That really does work! I lost 42 pounds in six months - and it's the first time I've ever managed to keep it off too. I'd be happy to answer any questions about it.

  • Hi Ive heard about this and would like to ask what do you eat for the two days if you only have 500 cal.

  • I have a bowl of homemade soup for lunch, then maybe salmon or chicken with lots of vegetables for dinner. I'd recommend Kate Harrison's 5:2 Diet book which is only £1.99 on Kindle for further info. Fasting is easier than you think. There's a great free app called MyFitnessPal for counting calories. I wish you great success - it's brilliant!

  • I've made myself some carrot and tomato soup, going to give it another go.

  • I am using myfitnesspal I think it's great. I do try to do two days low but find 500 difficult.

    Must try harder.

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