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Proverbial kick up the bum needed!!!

Hi all, looking for some inspiration to kick start a bit of weight loss. A few pounds have crept on over the past few months and I'm keen to get rid of them without resorting to expensive slimming clubs. Only looking to lose half a stone. Went along to my first Parkrun today; really enjoyed it. All support, minor nagging, bum kicking greatly received!!!

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Minor Nag:

You'll be surprised how quickly half a stone turns into a stone. You simply have to lose it now, before it gets any worse, and how hard can it be? You've shown you can motivate yourself to take exercise, so do that regularly, don't overeat, and soon your half stone will be gone.

I can do bum kicks as well, if you're sure that's what you want. :-)


I'd suggest you learn to kick with your own legs (like you would on a swing).

Have a routine to get the ball rolling when you realise you want to. Just making a simple change, like reducing the starch portion of your meal and eating more veg, might be the start you need. Any changes you do make should be enjoyable so you want to stay with them.


How did you enjoy the running? I think there is nothing better than a good old run. It burns calories, tones muscles, can be social, boosts your endorphines which make you feel amazing afterwards. You can do it anytime to fit in with your schedule which I find helps. Keep it up :) doing just 20 mins each day alongside reviewing your diet will make a real difference. You can do it

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Walking briskly is possibly better for your knees than running. Don't snack between meals unless it's on fruit or veg and make sure you have 3 meals a day sitting down at a table, not 'on the hoof'. Buy a copy of Michael Mosely's The Fast Diet. The science is fascinating, it's sustainable and it works.


Thank you all for the great hints and tips. I loved my run yesterday and today I've been to the gym. Also bought myself a new gym top for inspiration. Have eaten sensibly and feel hungry, so I guess it's a good start. Not long until dinner!! Must keep it up. Thanks again, will try and heed your advice.


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