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New here

I've just started the NHS choices weight loss programme (I'm on day 2) and I'm hoping to lose about 20lbs from my current weight of 13,54. Hoping that a more structured approach will work for me as so far I just tried, and failed, to 'cut down'/'do more exercise' without any clear goals or limits.

I'm also new to weigh ins (just dusted off my scales). Usually I just go by how my clothes fit, the mirror, etc., so I'm out of my comfort zone.

It's only day 2, but it's going well and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. Praying I can keep the momentum up and that my first weigh in isn't a disappointment.

Wish me luck!

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Welcome and good luck with your weight loss journey, you'll find lots of support and help here from the members I am sure. :)


hi and welcome :-)


Good luck with it. Let us all know how you're getting on :-)


Good luck! Regarding weigh-ins, don't forget that your weight is affected by lots of things besides fat. If you eat a pound of food, obviously you will be a pound heavier afterwards, but it doesn't mean you've added that much new fat!

A lot of people fall into a trap where they are happy on Monday because they lost a pound, then they're sad on Tuesday because they put it back on, and so on. You have to look at things over a longer period of time than that.


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