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Has anyone tried Curves? Feedback needed please :)

I am currently sitting at the top end of the BMI scale. I weigh just under 22st and wear a 24/26 dress size. I was told 6 weeks ago that I have a fatty liver and I must do something to change my diet and exercise routine before I get seriously ill.

I have always eaten a fairly balanced diet but my portions are on the large side so I have been working on this. My main issue is lack of exercise. I joined Curves 5 weeks ago on a special offer for 6 weeks but although I feel great I have actually put on 3lb after my first weigh in! I'm devastated to say the least.

I then had a look online and found lots of negative press regarding the Curves circuit workout so was hoping before I sign up for the full 12 months someone could advise me whether or not it was worth it?

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Ultimately the choice is yours of course. I think you need to make an informed decision. It wouldn't matter how active you were, if your insulin levels remain elevated for instance, you won't be able to burn body-fat.

Any activity above your usual levels will require additional energy too, however that may also stimulate your appetite to eat more.

What does your 'fairly balanced diet' consist of?


How do I know if my insulin levels are elevated?

An average day consist of:

Breakfast: Either porridge or 2 slice of brown toast

Snack: 12x almonds or cashews

Lunch: Mixed leaf green salad with tomatoes, seeds, sugar snap peas/cucumber (depending on what I have available)

Snack: Oat crackers and hummus

Dinner: Salmon, kale and brown rice or couscous or chicken, vegetables and a jacket potato

I might have a scoop of lemon sorbet when I get home from swimming during this hot weather but this is only once or twice a week max.

2 months ago I would have had a larger portion of all of the above with addition of a sandwich at lunch and a cake after dinner.


I've seen much worse. That said, brown bread or wholemeal is a high-glycaemic food, as are couscous, jacket potato, and most rice (brown basmati being moderate). Surprisingly, sponge cake is relatively low GI, but unsurprisingly, most cakes will be high GI. glycemicindex.com

Hi glycaemic foods will raise your blood glucose, faster than table sugar, consequently causing a dramatic release of insulin in an attempt to cope.

Even if your fasting blood glucose is normal, it would still be advisable to keep your total carbohydrate intake below 150 grammes per day, to reduce your risk of type-2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.


Do you enjoy it? If you don't it is a waste as you probably won't stick with it. A gym might be better value for money as you have different options, classes, aqua etc our council run one only costs me £28 and is worth every penny


I do enjoy it and have found it easy to fit into my weekly schedule 3 or 4 times a week but my biggest concern was that the resistance equipment will not challenge me enough after a few months.

My club is made up of a set circuit of approx 12 machines curves.co.uk/what-is-curves... which you work on for just 30 seconds before moving on. A total of just 30 mins per workout. I'm worried this is not enough and will not help me lose weight in the long run.


It is good to do a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, what you are doing I think will help shape and tone, but not so much in burning calories, which will help you create a calorie deficit and lose weight, aerobic things are better for that. Also you are right as you get fitter you need to challenge yourself and introduce different elements. Our local one is Gymaphobics ladies only 30 mins and after walking past the head office everyday for the past 10 years I have just googled it, looks similar to curves, the focus does seem to be inches....


Hi Molly coddles

I did a 6 week stint with Curves a couple of years ago. I did not find it that challenging and gave up and joined my local gym instead. Curves is good for people who appreciate being in a supportive women's only gym environment but I feel sure that as your confidence builds you will be ready to move on to other forms of excercise.

You could always supplement your days at curves with other activities - walking or NHS couch to 5k for example.

Whatever you decide to do I wish you the very best of luck!


Many thanks Lingmell. I walk to and from work everyday (a total of 4 miles) plus my hubby and I swim 32 lengths (1/2 mile) of our local pool twice a week so I am considering joining the gym there instead.

I just don't want to waste my time (and money) at Curves if after my 12 month membership is up I wished I'd have gone to the local gym and used both cardio-vascular and resistance training equipment instead.


Molly it sounds like you are more than ready for the gym already - I am envious that you can walk to and from work - I'd love to do that but 20 miles each way is not a possibility :)


I do love my walk to work - as long as its not raining! Hehe


Hiya I don't know what curves is will try and check it out. Have you ever listened to cut the fat pod cast. They are on face book and twitter. Also nhs 12 week course, teaches you about portion in the simplest way. There both free


Hello Gela217! Thanks for the recommendation - I will check out the podcasts later!

So far I have dramatically reduced my portion sizes, removed sweet treats and upped my lean meats and veg so at the moment my diet is not my biggest concern.

Curves is a ladies only workout circuit so my real question was has anyone tried it or do they know anyone who has loss weight through it?


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