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Diet without exercise


I joined this community a couple of months ago in the hope if finding inspiration to tackle a 4 and a half stone surplus and then disaster struck and I broke my ankle. On crutches and under the threat of an operation I tried to eat as healthily as I could to help heal my ankle as soon as possible with the result that in 6 weeks with minimal exercise I have managed to lose 12lbs. I can now move about without crutches although still cannot walk very far without my ankle swelling up like a balloon and still limping. The challenge therefore is to keep losing the excess weight without much exercise. I am doing my physio exercises religiously so hoping walking will get easier and I can swim so trying to swim a couple of times a week. It helps that I am out of the habit of eating sugary food (my downfall) and it is very motivating to think that every pound lost is less of a load on my poor ankle.

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Well done on losing 12lbs despite having an ankle injury. I'm currently having physio for my right calf so can only do low impact exercises and really miss running. Swimming is a good all rounder - must get down to the baths this week - fortunately there's lane swimming at lunch time :-)

mskitty2lbs in reply to Hidden

Thanks very much for encouraging words. Hope you managed to make it baths. I am lucky because there is a pool in the building I work in so even with my slow pace only a few minutes walk from my desk.

well done :)


Hi mskitty,

I'd suggest that you also think about what types of exercise you might be able to do that don't impinge upon your ankle, e.g. the top half of your body. And the swimming sounds like a real good idea.

For sure it helps to have changed the eating habits a bit, doesn't it?

And think of it this way, that's 12 lbs less bearing down on that injured ankle, so that was worth doing

And 12 lbs over 6 weeks is a fine rate of weight loss. Just keep on doing that and you'll be fine.

Good luck with your weigth loss journey and the ankle recovering.

Don't let not being able to exercise steer you off your weight loss journey, you don't need to exercise to lose weight. I lost over 10 stone before I did anything that could be classed as exercise because like you I was totally incapacitated.

You've done so well so far, keep it up, you can start and exercise regime at a later date.

PinkNinja in reply to OlsBean

Wow! I have just read your story on your profile page and it is truly inspiring! What a fantastic achievement!

OlsBean in reply to PinkNinja

Thanks Carolyn, just read yours, it can't be easy trying to lose weight with Hypothyroidism, good luck with it.

PinkNinja in reply to OlsBean

Thanks :) It will hopefully be easier now I have changed my medication. I can't convert or use thyroxine very well but they won't prescribe the alternatives any more so I have to self-medicate :( Seems to be working though. I've gone from being depressed and finding it difficult to even walk a short distance to feeling like life is fun again :) I am feeling rather positive about weight loss this time around!

It can't have been easy for you either! It must have been a very tough road to get to where you are now. Very inspiring!

mskitty2lbs in reply to OlsBean

You have done so well you put me to shame. Walking is getting a bit easier so hopefully it won't be long before I can try the C25K (have it downloaded on my iPod ready to go).

OlsBean in reply to mskitty

A 12 Pound loss is nothing to be ashamed about :) You are doing so well! Good Luck with C25K it's an amazing program.

That's quite an achievement! Well done :)

Carolyn x

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