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Be Gentle - Please

Be Gentle - Please

Firstly I would like to thank the healthunlocked.com team.

I know first had how fickle the technology can be. I didn't think that there was a plan to take a working solution and then turn it on its head so the polls don't display - change the gender of users - alter the user images to make them illegible - prevent access to the site while saying it was my browser or lose large swathes of posts not sure yet if they will be retrieved.

So please be gentle with them! and lets hope things return to normality soon.

I am slowly finding my 404 count (lost pages - ahem broken links) is reducing but I don't think the browser I am using was really a factor is that!

I suspect some lessons will be learned along the way.

I could NOT unload my 404 picture and it informed me the limit was 2500 kb - 25mb but object to my image which was 90 kb.

I made it smaller and smaller and then it seems to like the bigger version - still not convinced why you would wan t a limit of 25 mb though that seems over generous!

Under 100 k seems reasonable that I should not need to break out the jpg compression tools.

I am sure we all wish for a speedy recovery.

PS -I have not found the automatically generated TAGS any help (or the slightest bit relevant) and just take extra clicks to remove. I suspect many people are not aware they can be removed using the red cross.


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