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Day 1: Dieting and Marathon Training

I have failed on numerous diets in the last few years, losing weight and putting it back on again. So I am starting a new approach, using an online website to log calories alongside working through the CBT weight loss book: The Beck Diet Solution. I started the book a year or so ago but in a half hearted, sceptical way. This time I will try it whole-heartedly, as I recognise that I eat when I feel low, and have a tendency to feel low.

I'm feeling nervous about how today will go, but looking forward to seeing results in weeks to come (hopefully!)

A concern I have is that I am marathon training and my Achilles and knee is sore, so I might have to have a few days off from running, setting me back on my training schedule and hampering any weight loss. I will try a warm up run shortly and see whether I can manage the effort session...fingers crossed.

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If you can't run/train for a few days and you've factored that exercise into your daily calorie count, then just eat a little less on those days. It's possible to still lose weight without exercising.

Good Luck with it all, hats off to you training to run a Marathon! :)


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