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New here! Any tips? :)

Hi there!

Just joined up today! Currently on a 3 month break from university and me and my boyfriend have decided it's the perfect time to ditch bad habits (JustEat sees way too much of us!) and start some healthy eating and regular exercise.

We've both tried this last summer, but when I returned to university (and my blender broke which I relied on for fruit smoothies!!!) we both lost the motivation. But we both know we felt better for it when we did try, so it's time to try again!

Does anybody have any tips for "beginners"? Tips for keeping up motivation or any recommended healthy foods/snacks we could try?

I'm planning on giving jogging a go. However, my boyfriend doesn't like doing exercise in public, so are there any good weight loss exercises anyone can recommend for exercising in your own home? (Particularly working on the belly!) Equipment at our disposal at the moment are weights, an aerobics mat, one of those sit up frames, a skipping rope, and we will be purchasing an exercise bike this week.

Looking forward to this! :)

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Jogging is good! I like to jog its getting the motivation to get out there. I'm hoping reading people's blogs will help motivate me to start back up...so keep us updated.

I'm thinking of getting a bike too.

Good luck with everything, I'm new too.

Looking forward to getting motivated, having more energy and losing some excess pounds :)


Hi Samantha, nice to meet you :) I get what you mean, motivation is hard to find a lot of the time, but blogs help me to keep motivated too. For jogging I think I'll be more nervous about people seeing me, but hoping shutting the world out with some headphones is the way to go and I'm sure I'll feel better about it once I've gotten the first time over with!

We want an exercise bike just because we figured it's better being on an exercise bike than the sofa when watching TV etc!

Good luck finding your motivation! :)


Hi RedPanda, How about jogging in a park? That's what I do, so very few people see me. And the ones who do are young kids and their mums, so I don't care.

Tips: I do squats sometimes and also a few sit-ups. I find them boring but just a few make a difference! And I walk a lot too. All this helps!

Good luck!! you'll make it!


The park sounds like a great idea, thanks! So far I'd just been considering our street because it has quite a good gradient on it. I'm also considering asking if my dad wants to go running with me - he has done it before and he lives in a quieter area!

Thanks for suggesting squats, I've never thought of trying those! Are sit ups useful for weight loss? I always assumed they were more of a toning exercise!

I enjoy walking, I think I just find my home town so boring compared to my university city where there are so many more open park areas

Thanks for the advice!


Hi! well yes, the sit-ups are supposed to be for toning, but I find that feeling oneself a little more toned and firmer is a very powerful motivation to persist and carry on with healthy habits and eating less! it goes together, don't you think?

squats are quite efficient and easy to do (just not very sexy!). just start with only a few so it's easy and you don't discouraged. then I think you will start doing more and more!


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