Long long journey

In January this year I weighed 18 stone 8lbs. I decided to diet and managed to lose 12lb initially. In March I split up from my partner and decided if I wanted to live a long happy life I would have to lose weight and get fitter. By the end of May I had lost 3 stone 3lb altogether but due to stress at work I lost my focus and fell by the wayside. I didn't stick to my healthy eating for three weeks and have put on 4lb.

Today is my new beginning!!!! I have started a new food diary, I am not dieting I am eating healthy and I am going to get back into walking for at least 40 minutes each day. I have bought dumb bells and plan to start some toning exercises this week too. I'm on annual leave for the next two weeks so don't have an excuse for not getting back on track. I will do it but it's just such a long long journey!!!!


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20 Replies

  • It's fantastic how much you've lost!

    4lb over a few weeks isn't that bad at all. You'll lose it again and more in no time.

    Good luck to you!

  • Well done - back on the wagon - you can do it!!!

    Best of luck :-)

  • Thanks for the encouraging comments I am determined I will lose more weight and get fitter and healthier. x

  • Well done Dipper.

    Only 4lbs, I think that subconsciously your healthy eating was still around somewhere, just not so much at the forefront of your mind.

    You've had a tremendous loss so far - good luck and congratulations for getting back on track.

  • Well done you- such a positive attitude!!!!

  • Thanks I am determined to succeed!!!

  • Hi Dipper,

    Don't beat yourself you about stepping of the weight loss bus for a few weeks, 4lb weight gain, is nothing!!. Your body just needed a little break.....you deserve a big pat on the back for getting back on the weight loss bus...and your right it's not a diet, it's healthy eating that has benefits.

    I look forward to hearing how your journey pans out.

  • Thanks I think you're right I did need a break. It's funny tho because you always feel so much better when eating healthy foods. I'm looking forward to nice crisp salad, etc

  • Thanks everybody for all the encouragement. I've had a great day with my healthy eating and also went out for a long walk tonight. I've also started a new food diary which keeps me on track. I feel very positive again!!!

  • 4lb is a weeny blip, well done for recognising that and getting back on with your new lifestyle choices, you will surprise yourself with how strong you can be and what you can achieve!!

  • Yes it's great being back on the straight and narrow lol

  • well done you!! healthy eating and exercise is free and the only way for the weight to stay off so keep at it and keep inspiring us xx

  • Thanx the support on here is really good to keep people motivated

  • Lol I put 4lbs on at a girls weekend so don't beat yourself up about it, the most important thing I have found is the ability to get back on the bus and keep going, so welcome aboard! Good luck

  • Thanks it's great to hear from others in the same position!!

  • I just weighed in for the end of the second week and after scales showing a 1lb loss all week, today they have said I have stayed the same , going to need lots of motivation this week. X

  • I know it's hard to stay motivated but it could be excess fluid, try not to dwell on what the scales say. I'm sure you feel healthier x

  • Hi got the same problem,so you had a little lapse,its like falling of a bike,get back on again.I have lost 3stone,I haven't put any on,but none off for 3 weeks.I also have to get serious and stuck in,my own words,back on the bike,good luck

  • Hi Westonmill you're totally right. I am back on my healthy eating and again really enjoying it. There are times when I want to stray but just have to remind myself why I am doing this. Good luck on your bike lol!!!!!

  • That's the spirit,stick to it for a while and the healthy options will become the norm,try 1 or 2 changes a week, its easier than just going for it,and more likely to be a life time change.I have made myself like me.it help to stay positive. After all carrying extra weight is not a crime,it just makes you feel better to carry a bit less,do this for you,you are worth the effort x

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