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Fallen of the wagon AGAIN

Hello Everyone

I am new to this site............so about me from October 2011- June 2012 I managed to lose 4 stone in weight through healthy eating and exercise, from then on i tended to move away from my healthy eating and have ended up here putting about 2 stone back on feeling rubbish and un-motivated.

I seem to do really well for a week or so then fall completeely of the wagon..........which in turn makes me feel worse, I know I can do it as I have done it before but there seems to be some mental block in my mind that won't let me acheieve my goal.

Does anyone else feel like this? When I am trying to be healthy and fit I seem to become obsessed with food, I am literally thinking about it every minute of the day! I'm not starving myself I snack health things (fruit, nuts etc) So why does my mind become like this?

Any comments would be good and maybe to know it's not just me that has this problem


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Definitely not only you. I have always been "chubby", BMI was around 28... but the last 3 years I have gained 3 stone. so BMI through the roof now!!

I am the same as you. I eat for the sake of eating, I'm not depressed, bored, stressed or lonely.... there is no excuse, I just want to eat. And it has to be savoury snacks, like crisps, biscuits, buttered popcorn.... and I will be totally honest and say I could over the space of a whole day get through easily 8 packs of crisps and I still want more. I rummage though the kitchen searching for munchies.... and I'm telling myself off as I do it. I'll stand in the kitchen starring at the cupboards and it could be midnight or over and it makes no difference.

Problem is, this isn't a weekend thing for me, it's not a Saturday night habbit.... It's every night!!!!! I've even been to a counsellor, as a binge food addict, but she didn't help, I kept doing it.

I am hoping this will help me!!


I think the problem you describe can be both psychological, and physiological. Whilst it may be useful to acknowledge, and so not suppress emotional reasons for eating, the focus should be on the way forward; replacing old habits with healthy, new ones.

First, control your carbohydrate intake. On average, keep your carbohydrate intake between 10 and 14 portions per day (1 portion = 10g carbohydrate), ideally 3 meals x 4 carb portions. uk.sitestat.com/diabetes/we...

Eat low GI carbs glycemicindex.com/, non-starchy vegetables being best.

Eat an adequate portion of natural, additive-free, unprocessed protein and fat each meal, preferably after the carbs, which will ‘switch-off’ your appetite.

Then, with your metabolism managed, get on with enjoying you life.


Personally, I'm starting to treat some foods as addictions and have decided enough is enough and have completely stopped eating them. I could leave a packet of crisps but never something sweet..... anything sweet. I stopped recreational sugar. The difference is amazing. I don't like things that could take control of me so I don't smoke or drink but a pretty little sweet can have its wicked way anytime. Not anymore. Chat


I have a very similar experience to you-and have found it very demotivating and depressing. In many ways it has taken over my life-in march I was particularly miserable. My thoughts were to just give in and be fat. And buy some bigger clothes. But I did find this site while checking my bmi-and I decided I was to young(49) to throw the towel in and accept the s**t place I was in. So I took myself in hand I wrote down everything I hated about myself and then more positively what I wanted to achieve, pretty simple things-a heathy bmi, lower blood pressure, fit into clothes hanging in my wardrobe etc. I recorded all my food intake for a week in my fitness pal-illuminating!!!!!

So here I am ten weeks later running three times a week and I have lost 8 pounds. Slow and steady and I have lived life too. I am not there yet I still have 2stone to go-but I feel I have a means of control and it is achievable. And importantly sustainable-I think I have chosen Health and healthy eating-and in the main stick to that.

Best of luck.


Very inspirational! This has really struck a chord with me as how you described yourself in March is very much how I feel now. Well done you and thank you for the confirmation that I've made the right choice.


Thank you for replying to me, it's nice to know that I am not the only one that has this problem with food. Well I have decided that I need to re-create the state of mind I was in when I initially lost 4 stone !..............So today is a new day, I am off in a minute to take my dog to the park, I promise to myself to do this 3 times a week.........I am going to Zumba on Tuesday night (bit scared)............I promise to myself to do this twice a week, so exercise sorted (fingers crossed). Just the food to conquer but I think if i keep myself busy in the evenings this will cut down my need to snack. I am a little scared that I will give up in a week as I have done the last few months but I will give it my best shot and keep everyone updated.


In the last 4-5 years I have lost and regained over 5 stone, and after spending a fortune on diet clubs and caddy diets I have now started 1400 calories a day and using my fitness pal app.

I weighed this morning after one week of the plan and have list 9lbs, really pleased with this start and feeling really positive at the moment.


Wow 9lbs in one week? what kind of exercise are you doing? I keep my calorie intake to around 1200 and try to exercise for 30 mins a day and the most I have lost in a week is 3lbs.......................please tell us your secret


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