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Week 5 -10 Weigh ins

Week 5 - Weigh In

Weight - 1 kg loss

Bust - 1 cm loss

Waist - 2cm loss

Hips - 2cms loss

Body Fat - 41.5%

Body Water - 43.8%

Week 6 - Weigh In ~ Half Way! Sunday 5th May 2013

I'm at the end of week 6 Half way through the NHS Choices 12 Week weight loss plan....

Weight - 100gs loss

Bust - 1 cm loss

Waist - no change

Hips - 1 cm gain

Body Fat - 42%

Body Water - 43.5%


My only failure is not doing the 150mins of aerobic exercise per week as suggested on the plan. I also haven't managed to do 3 sessions of strength exercise per week either. Something will have to give to allow me to fit it in.... maybe as I'm getting lighter without exercise my focus isn't on it. More exercise is something I should try to accommodate? Could I do it forever or is "keeping busy" an easier way for me to stay fit? I've never been a gym or exercise class fan ...

Week 7 - Weigh In

Weight - 400gs loss

Bust - no change

Waist - no change

Hips - no change

Body Fat - 42%

Body Water - 43.4%

Week 8 - Weigh In ~ Sunday 19th May 2013

Weight - 700gs loss

Bust - No change

Waist - 1 cm loss

Hips - 1 cm loss

Body Fat - 40.7%

Body Water - 44.1%

Week 9 - Weigh In Sunday 26th May 2013

Weight - 500g gain .... :(

Bust - 2 cm loss

Waist - 1cm loss

Hips - 1cm loss

Body Fat - 41.1%

Body Water - 44%

... a weight gain but my measurements are all smaller? *huh* Well I'll take my successes where I can find them Lol!

Week 10 Sunday 2nd June 2013

Weight - 600g loss

Bust - no change

Waist - no change

Hips - no change

Body Fat - 40.4%

Body Water - 44.3%

So, starting week 11 I think I need a bit of a boost for the final 2 weeks.... So far I'm:

6.5kgs (approx 14lbs) lighter

Bust - 10cms smaller

Waist - 10cms smaller

Hips - 5 cms smaller

If I want to be a UK high street size 12 bottoms & size 14 tops I need to shift another 10cms off my bust, 15cms off my waist and only 4 cms off my hips. I go on holiday at the beginning of August and I've promised myself some new clothes when I reach my goal ... It's do able as long as I keep focussed.

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Hi Tabytha,

Congratulations on your progress so far. You have done really well.

Keep focused and I'm sure you'll be achieving your goals and enjoying wearing those new clothes in August - and having a fab holiday.

Have a good week.


Lowcal :-)


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