The wrong trousers

This is funny sort of I have been on weight watchers for a year lost half a stone and got stuck at 10st 5lb for over 3months so started this sight have got down to 10st ish 1lb to 2lb brilliant so the other day put a pair of trousers on thought wow they soo big I had to put belt on which was happening with all my trousers but not this much room went to work was so pleased was showing everyone how much room there was in them , got home had shower put them on the bed hubby came home said could you run an iron over me trousers and passed me the ones I'd been wearing all day gutted no wonder they were soo big so if your feeling low about wait loss just put hubby's trousers on I'd had to laugh


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7 Replies

  • Funny....cant stop giggling. Sort of thing i would do. ; ]

  • Lol, thankyou for making us giggle. Also well done x

  • Thank you x

  • your funny just had an out burst of laughter on my own in the kitchen..

  • Hi Jacqui02,

    I will let you have a little giggle at my expense now.

    Yesterday Morning after being in the gym for an hour, whilst riding the bike in the I noticed that my jogging bottoms were on inside-out. That meant I had walked to the gym, been on the treadmill (the gym was really busy). I recon I may have made a few of them smile?

  • The exact same thing happened to me a few weeks ago! I was so pleased with myself too! Good luck with it all - you've done amazingly!

  • Sorry haven't replied to any of you been away for a few days no signal I know I've put on weight why is it you can put on a couple of pounds in a few days but can take a couple of weeks to shift it , I'm starting again tomo porridge. Soup and salad day fingers crossed

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