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Does anyone else have a little tipple most evenings to wind down?

As I am doing the 12 week plan, I have not cut out alcohol but have cut down to the recommended units per week. However, although this is acceptable, I feel that the frequency is too much to say that I am on a weight loss plan. I am within my 1400 calories per day but I enjoy a small glass most evenings to wind down before bed. Is anyone else in the same boat?

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Hi AH1567,

Sadly, it's one of those hormone things, again!

When you drink alcohol, your body recognises that it's basically nutritionless and toxic. (It may surprise you, or perhaps not, but it is possible to drink lots of high %age alcohol and to die from actual alcohol toxicity!)

So the body prioritises getting the alcohol out of your system and in doing that, 'puts on a back burner' other tasks such as burning fat.

See also this link:


Basically, I'm afraid alcohol isn't really any friend to the person trying to lose weight.

Perhaps, you could put you alcohol intake 'on a back burner' until you've reached your target weight?

I don't feel I can really comment more, because despite having been in both the 'on' and 'off' licence trades many years ago, I actually don't drink very much alcohol at all these days.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.,


Are you losing weight , or have u just started?


I'm on week 6 and have lost 12 lbs so far,


personally alcohol has for me since about the age of 20 been a very limited thing, I woprked in an off licence and i was a bottle a night girl and still wasnt getting drunk !!! I put this down to my ibs and was looking for that giddy drunk feeling that everyone else seemed to enjoy so much, in reality though the good merry feeling when it happens doesnt happen for long and the long term affects arent really worth it.

So now I drink once in a blue moon, I prefer to drive if me and my friends are going out and when I do drink I usually drink everyone under the table and end up on the shots most of the night, Im fortunate I dont get overly drunk but unfortunately though this leaves me with a very high bar bill ! mostly when I do drink im dancing so much I dont actually realise how much Im drinking. when I invite the girls round for a drink its A drink my friends always slag me off for this TBH im pretty much Ttotal and enjoy spending my money on my kids nice clothes etc I dont miss alcohol and I dont feel im missing out on anything in company sometimes i think i wish i was drunk and then they lot ofver there probably wouldnt annoy me as id be to drunk to care they act and sound like idiots !!!

I would much rather sit and enjoy a nice hot cuppa tea in an evening to unwind, dont get me wrong a nice pinot grigio with a meal if im out or entertaining friends goes down well

I sound like im preaching here but I personally think one night a week for alcohol is about anyones limit as every day whether its one glass or a bottle is a habbit and a bad habbit at that


Thanks for all your comments, since Monday, I've replaced my wine with a low cal hot chocolate and I'm loving it. I think it's just a case of breaking the habit. I will have a glass over the weekend though but am going to stick to the weekend only. Weight loss so far is 13lbs and I'm six weeks into the programme. .


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