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Diet Ends Hooray

Age 44, weight New Years Day 11st 9lb, height 5ft 4. Waist 40in

20 May, weight 8st 4lb waist 28in

1000 calories a day, and 2 hours dog walking, not been easy but so worth while and would encourage everyone to stick at it. It has only been four and half months out of a lifetime. It is so nice to be a size 8 and not to be carrying around a massive tummy looking pregnant all the time.

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Hi Jane,

Wow, that's about 20 kgs or so, isn't it? And I seem to remember you started just a bit earlier than me.

Well done!

So it's the end of the diet, but the start of the maintenance regime, then, eh?

Lot's of good luck with that. My guess is having lost that amount you're intending to make very sure it stays off and doesn't creep back on again.

But 20 kilos - that's forty 500g tubs of spread. Your body must feel really different to how it did at the start.

Big congratulations.


Congrats Jane. That is the easy part as maintenance is the tough part. Well done & good luck with the maintenance. Hugs


I have set myself little rules, only eat what i want if i go out for a meal. only drink alcohol if i go out for a meal. I weigh myself every morning and wont drop below 8st 3 above 8st 7. I am following the 5 2 fasting diet and eating about 1700 calories on non fast days and 600 twice a week. The biggest shock has been how fewer calories you need the older you get. Unfortunately somehow the poor dog has gained 3kg. I dont know how we have been walking together :)


That's really good going, well done.


Well done a great achievement :) funnily enough your start weight is 1lb less than my goal!


Its lovely to hear of people who have got to their goal, It can be done.Heres to years of happy maintenance.


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