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Am I eating too much fruit?


Or I should say am I eating too much fruit in one sitting?

Breakfast - 2 Weetabix and fruit n fibre with skimmed milk.

Lunch - Small sandwich made with Warburtons thins, with cheese,tomato and a little branston, low fat yoghurt, an apple, orange, banana, pear, plum, kiwi fruit and sometimes a Satsuma,

Dinner - Any meal from the meal mixer menu.

I have been told that I could be eating too much fruit in one sitting and should spread it more evenly throughout the day, is there and sense/truth/reason why I should?

Cheers, Mike.

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Hi ticker,

Fruit generally is pretty low calorie, so there's a fair margin to eat a fair amount of it and not take in excessive amounts of calories, at least compared to many other foods. For example 100g of mixed soft fruit (grapes, raspberries, strawberries and stuff like that) would come in at about 50 to 60 kcal, where as a 100 g bar of chocolate is going to come in at 500 to 600 kcal.

Having said that, some people can get loose bowel movements from eating a lot of fruit - but if that's not happening for you, then I can't see it's a big problem.

Taking sweet foods or drinks, I'm thinking things like sweetened (sugared) up fruit juices, can cause a blood sugar spike that is inclined to put your body into fat storage mode rather than fat burn mode - but if you're eating ordinary fruit (i.e. together with the fibre of the flesh) and not sweetening it up, and eating it with other foods, I can't see a problem there either.

As long as by eating fruit you're not avoiding any other relevant foods, e.g. green veg, that is as long as you ARE getting a full range of nutrients from what you eat and drink, then perhaps you should just ask the person who told you're eating too much fruit why they think it's a problem.

Good luck with your weight loss journey


Possibly. Fructose glycosylates haemoglobin 7 x more than glucose, so if you want to avoid platelet stickiness, keep to 2 to 4 portions per day.

I agree with you Concerned and think that 7 pieces of fruit a day contains a lot of sugar esp pears (and grapes, which Ticker is not having; the doc told my b/friend NOT to eat grapes because of his diabetes, but he is not trying to lose wt)...

I have about 4 portions a day - with weetabix and skimmed milk as Ticker does, and feel good on that. I am going to suggest to Ticker that he has half a banana and half an orange to cut down on the sugar, and perhaps only have a pear as a treat.

I have 4 fruits a day - and as a treat have watermelon once a week (similar to avocados) which are my absolute faves!!! It also gives one something special to look forward to!

AussiebluesRestart October 2019

Have to admit I've never known anyone eat that amount of fruit in one sitting other than mixed in fruit salad, but then its not a whole of any fruit. Guessing you really enjoy the mix of flavours so maybe if you wanted to cut down you could chop it up into a mixed fruit salad and eat half with lunch and half with dinner. But you can always bulk your lunch out with a side salad of leaves tomatoes peppers etc, lots of flavour, lots of bulk to full you up and less calories leaving you the pleasure of fruit for later if you so chose :-) but point is its your choice and you have to be happy, full and enjoyed meal so whatever works, its just nice to throw in diff ideas sometimes so don't get food bored. Happy eating :-) ps I'm a berry eater as my prob is opposite I didn't eat much fruit at all but I love berries :-) good luck.

Hi Ticker - have replied to Concerned with a few suggestions for you to implement if you so wish? To fill up, if you like cucumber, do have half one each day with your sarnie instead of the cheese (unless you are very keen on cheese) as you are already having a low-fat yoghurt with your lunch. Check google for the benefits of cucumbers!!

BTW - could you tell me where to find the 12-week diet? I have never heard of it before - as from your entry it appears you are choosing from a list of foods.

Hi Depressed,

Thanks for your reply, We've started the couch to 5k plan and are also using the meal mixer which has been quite good although we've got to a point where we're running out of meals to choose, I'm not a huge fish fan and there seems to be quite a few fishy meals.

The cheese sandwich was just on that day, I usually have either ham, beef or ox tongue, I know they are processed meats but I do like them, I will give the cucumber a try though.

Cheers, Mike.

Hello Mike..........Thank you for the info re change4life: yes, it has some very interesting meals, and I was wondering what to have for sups tonight, and will have the baked potato with all those scrumptious fillings. One can improvise though - and I don't like tuna so will either substitute that with tinned salmon or just leave it out as I have had 3 slices of beef and lots of veggies for lunch! And there is protein in the beans with the spuds. \ As you say C4L is running out of ideas for meals, why not try a variation of Nigella's recipe, where she fries some cumin in a little bit of oil and then adds a can of chick peas after rinsing them and immediately puts in a slug of sherry (but tomato juice should be just as good); N then puts a packet of rocket on the mixture and puts a lid on the pan and switches off the cooker. But to make it more substantial, I use rocket AND a packet of "pepper stir fry" (which most supermarkets sell) and cook for about 4min. One can add some chilli to the whole mixture if you like a spicy taste. So, in well under 10min you have a MOST DELICIOUS meal - which is nutritious and there is often a bit over to have with dins the next day!

Bon appetite!...................Bestest, Marguerite~

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