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Where to start?!

After years and years of my weight going up and down I've finally realised that the reason I can't seem to lose weight is because I never stick to it! So enough's enough! I have until November to get down to a size 10/12 (currently a 14) and get to 10st or less (I currently weigh 11st 8oz, 5ft 4in tall)

I really need some help to get me motivated! I find I often do quite well if I'm following something, like a weekly meal planner or an exercise planner, or a 10 ten fitness challenge. Can anyone recommend anything?

All suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Many thanks and good luck to you all!

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Know what you mean by not sticking to plans!!!! So easy to be demotivated, or circumstances cause worry or stress - but you can do it, you have a deadline of November, not June, July or August, but far enough away that the odd slip will still mean you can pick yourself up again.

I'm 5'3" weighing 11st 7lb and cant get going, but now have a deadline of October for a friend's 40th - we have better weather on the way, which WILL inspire - and I believe WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!

So good luck to you, and keep in touch.



hi i think lots of us can relate to the 'not sticking to it' and in my case never quite getting to my goal thinking i look ok that will do . your not enormous but i know thats all relevent to the individual, you can do it and you have something to aim for. i'm keeping my big 50 bday in october as my goal i dont want to be fat and fifty :(. so lets do it :)


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