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Why can't I be good in the evening?

I start the day with a healthy bowl of porridge, make my own sandwich and take plenty of fruit to work, and plan my evening meals for the whole week every Saturday, then every evening I have a blow out. I just can't seem to stop myself trying to eat my own body weight in biscuits. How do I stop myself ruining all my good work during the day by my stupidity at night?

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Hi LancsGirl,

By taking control of the situation.

I mean, how about, stop buying the biscuits!

Or set yourself a clear and definite limit of, say, two 'lite' Digestive biscuits a day and don't buy any other sort of biscuit.

The latter works for me, though I actually eat a bit less than two a day because the dog 'helps' me with them. (The biscuits work out about 130 kcal, but my share is a bit less than that!)

I also have, on work days, one scone from the canteen. Other than those two allowances, I just don't do any other biscuits or cakes at all.

The days of having a café latte somewhere with some nice pasty thing, or a slice of gateau, are history for me now.

But you may want to ask yourself just why you do this in the evening. If it's comfort eating, there are strategies for dealing with that. (see week 10 of the 12 week plan nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Losing-w... ).

Are you snacking (sensibly) between meals, or are you going for too long without any food and then perhaps when you get home it becomes all too much?

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


Hi Doikosp,

Thank you for your reply.

If it was just me at home I'd stop buying the biscuits, but I don't want to deprive the rest of the family who enjoy them. I do like your suggestion of two 'lite' digestives though then I won't feel deprived, just gotta find my self control.

I think my snacking between meals is ok. I have breakfast about 6:30, a banana about 9:30 then lunch (sandwich and melon usually) then some grapes and perhaps a satsuma around 2:30-3pm.

I keep trying to figure out why I do it, I'm not sure if it's comfort eating or boredom, but I'll look at the strategies you mention in week 10 of the 12 week plan and see if they help.


Hi LancsGirl,

Now here's the good news.

If you get it under control and keep it under control for a while, you'll find your tastes change and you probably just won't fancy that sort of stuff nearly as much as you currently do.

I really just could not face some of the things I used to tuck into only at the beginning of this year.

It may be also worth looking back at some of the past blogs on here - I'm sure there's been some about this sort of bingeing.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


I know how you feel. I'm the same. I do it because I'm bored so I try to find things to occupy my mind. I also don't keep any biscuits, cakes etc in the house as I know I'm not very disciplined so if I do end up having a snack the only thing available is fruit. Good luck with conquering your evening eating!


How much do the other people in the house need biscuits? Try asking them if they mind going without or getting them from school or work. I only snack at weekends and pour out the portion of crisps or biscuits into a ramekin dish, I have occasionally been known to refill - but you know what if I sit down with a whole packet I eat twice as much or finish the packwhereas I will take my time to consider do I really want/need more


I agree, its not just how much do the other people need biscuits but as a parent should we be buying food that hasn't any nutritional benefit and laden with calories..... thats how I got into this mess and I don't want my children to be like me. Friday night or saturday they have a feel good friday moment, but that is only a little. I have tried telling my husband "how much do you love your children?" making them fat isn't a sign of love ..... share some strawberries instead... lush.

I like you am fighting the craving, but its good not to have the stuff in the house constantly. x


Ok, why don't you try one day beating that biscuit craving that's controlling you and give yourself a huge high 5 for doing it. Try 2nd day, huger high 5 and then try not to break that cycle for as long as you can - a kind of AA for biscuits. Also, take up a hobby... No-one who knits can eat biscuits... As long as the hobby isn't cake and biscuit baking, you should be ok. K


Hi folks,

Actually, sometimes we do have to regard ourselves as if we were children, or pets, and just 'distract' ourselves away from things that we know we ought to be avoiding.

The slight danger with distraction and eating, it that it's easy to be distracted (watching the tv, or the laptop, or a film in the cinema) and not notice that you're actually "mindlessly munching" away at stuff.

Because you're distracted, you're not registering the amount that you're eating.

So, a kind of focussed distraction, is the strategy to use.

It's a kind of "not now" or putting the chocolate bar / biscuits / cake on the back-burner for another time approach.



I feeel your pain and know exactly were you are coming from, personally I don't think willpower exists. If the family is old enough try putting them all on the healthy eating plan (I live with my parents and although I wanted to lose weight I was most concerned about my mum who according to the BMI calculator is borderline obese and I think she is developing sleepapnia as well) so ban them from the house. If that is not possible why not try the low calorie alternatives such as weight loss brands. I recommend Boots shapers, they are delicious, can be bought individually so everyone only gets 1. Also if you are feeling that your meal is not satisfying you try bulking your plate with lost of veg or have bulky food such as pasta for dinner, just not the portions we love.

If it is merely boredom or a habit you need to break, try creating a new one such as doing the dishes as soon as the meal is over or going for a walk. If you are not already doing so, try making your meals from scratch. I used to work in a put kitchen and I found that the more I was surrounded by food and was cooking it, the less I wanted.

Good Luck and let us know how you progress


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