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My first blog

My first blog

First, the facts. I'm female, 53, 5ft 7ins and I weigh 17.6. That's rather large. I've tried, or considered trying, every diet known to womankind and still I get fatter with every year that passes. But I haven't tried blogging before. So here goes. Maybe the act of recording my dieting day will help me stick at it. I'm going to post photos of my meals too. Here's breakfast, low fat yoghurt, mango and blueberries, pumpkin and sunflower seeds (my favourite breakfast from my Sureslim days). Looks healthy eh?

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Hi Janni

I'm the same height as you, need to lose 41/2 stone to get back into a healthy bmi range. Could probably do with losing 51/2 in all honesty, but it's a start. Your breakfast looks fab, I am a very lazy cook (when it comes to myself, my 7 year old son eats all the right things!). I've downloaded the change4life meal app to my phone and am going to set up a menu plan from Monday.

Good luck Janni, look forward to reading how you're doing.



Hi Janni. I went to Slimming World (Doctor referral) and lost 20 kg, then stopped going and have regained 15 of them! I think that means I need people to relate to about what I'm trying to do weight/ health wise. Maybe if you could join forces with a friend who has similar goals? I think it helps to form really good attainable targets with positive affirmations about what you want to achieve and why. For example, "I look good in my jeans" or "I can happily shop in a fashionable clothes store". I have just restarted my health drive (5 days so far) which for me means avoiding all added sugar and eating low-fat everything else. I eat great bowls of salad with a protein thrown in and fruit salad with zero fat yoghurt. Some people think it's boring but it suits my essentially lazy approach to food - I hate cooking for one!

Anyway, you can lose weight so long as you find what motivates you to do it. Best wishes for taking control of your your health.


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