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Acquiring medicine overseas

asthma medicine is cost prohibited, can anyone advise of another country I can buy medicine from.

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Define "cost prohibitive"?

The prescription charge is what it is. If you qualify you can get them for free nhsbsa.nhs.uk/help-nhs-pres...

Buying on the Internet is a sure fire way of spending money on something that often claims to be something it isn't. It is a very risky thing to do, not only for the quality of the medication but also whether it is time expired or simply the correct medication in the first place.

It is relatively common for a patient to be brought in after taking what they thought was their medication to find it was nothing of the kind.


Yet it is a fact that the NHS has bought millions of pounds of dubious medications at high costs- probably because of kick-backs and/or some person signing off payment without closely reading the content- as it is not their money- but just a job.


Ha ha ha ha, it isn't a fact at all, just people who love to moan about the NHS with no understanding. It's easier to think that folk are taking a bung when they don't understand how procurement of medicine is complex.

Get hold of a copy of the BNF, read it.


I have just Come back from Northern Cyprus (Turkish Side) and you can buy all meds over the counter at the Pharmacy with no prescription.

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You can buy many medications whilst in TRNC over the counter - hardly "all" medications, but is irrelevant as you might have noticed that we don't live there.


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