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Suspected endometriosis but feel neglected by the NHS

I have been suffering with stomach pains for the last 2 years, in the last 6 months it has got considerably worse and I visited the doctor and was greeted with a what do you want us to do, I begged to see a gynaecologist and after 8 weeks I heard nothing so rang and they hadn't even sent my referral through yet. I eventually visited the gynaecologist and she found no serious problems but my doctors surgery were fine to me off as cured because she found nothing wrong with me , now in the last week I have been suffering really badly and visited a local a&e over the weekend. I was taken through to someone who didn't actually work for the a&e department but knew a bit about what I needed. She diagnosed me with a UTI and I said no surprise there then as I always get them, this triggered her to take an interest into my case, my files could not be found on the system for whatever reason so she was going on what I was telling her about the pains and the UTI's. She thought it might be endometriosis and recommended I go to my GP for a re-referral back to the gynaecologist, so the following day I rang my local Doctor's surgery and was given a ringback where I explained everything to an unknown doctor and she said that from my notes nothing indicates that I have endometriosis, she also stated that I had all relevant tests for endometriosis, however I read online that the only known method to diagnose is a laparoscopy as an ultrasound is not an effective way to diagnose. I have had Blood tests, an internal examination, given urine samples, and had transvaginal ultrasound, none of these are listed as effective ways to diagnose. My symptoms are all stated on the NHS endometriosis page, so I just wondered if anyone could recommend what to do next as my GP will not re-refer me.

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I am sorry to hear what you have gone through. In short go back to your Doctor, get an appointment. Take a recorder with you. Ask the Doctor's permission to use the recorder. They can not refuse. Say everything you have mentioned hear. The Doctor will refer you. If they don't then report your Doctor to the CCG and GMC. Unfortunately this is now the only way to get a result.

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If you relay your concerns to utellwiltshire@gmail.com I'm sure they will be able to advise you what to do next - good luck


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