psychiatric drug consent form?

Hi, Does anyone else feel like they have had psychiatric drugs pushed upon? That they havn't fully agreed or consented themselves? that their doctor has pushed a drug upon them? ( such as- "it will help you or take it one pill a day") considering the dangers these drug pose to your health and the dangers like aggression, violence and suicide they cause don't you think it's important people write a consent form like they do before having surgery? why is this still happening? what are others thoughts and opinions on this matter?

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  • “Cracked” ISBN: 9781848315563 a book written by James Davies Senior Lecturer Social Anthropology and Psychotherapy at The University of Roehampton (London UK) details some of the misleading and dishonest research results that have been presented in Professional Journals and conferences. This deals with the problems of psychiatric drugs.

    “Bad Pharma” ISBN 978-0-00-735074-2 a book written by Ben Goldacre in 2012 details how drug companies mislead doctors and harm patients.

    Both the above books will helps you frame your arguments better.

  • thank you, I will look more into those, any otherts have opinons or views??

  • The power of Big Pharma - the Medical Profession are well rewarded for prescribing certain pills and potions - but not others. Vitamins cannot be patented - and so the population remains under diagnosed and under treated for the basics - like anaemia - B12 Deficiency - VitD Deficiency and so on....not to mention Thyroid problems. All of which cause HUGE health problems including a raft of mental issues including alzheimers and dementia. Docs are trained to look at the screen and the blood results - if you are in range then you are declared 'normal ' - well that is an opinion and NOT a result. Where you are in range is so important. Keeping to ranges is keeping people ill - no surprises there. Creating even more dosh for Big Pharma.

    Without these forums people would remain ill-informed - losing their work - their families - homes - and remaining under the chemical cosh of Big Pharma. Scroll down in the link below to see what is wrong with the Medical model we have today..... just a 4 minute video from Dr Rangan Chatterjee.....

    Also look at Dr Malcolm Kendrick on his website if you would like to read about the misleading research done to convince us that statins saves lives :-(

  • Hi, I've just been prescribed antidepressants after specifically telling the doctor I did not want antidepressants! I tried a different type of antidepressant last year and the experience was awful, plus my mum has been on them her entire life and they don't fix the problem, depending on what mental illness you've got, they just lessen the affects/symptoms.

    I also feel as though I was misdiagnosed. If I was, the drugs are potentially more dangerous and have a higher chance of worsening my personal situation. I feel like it was an easy way out for a doctor who didn't know how to handle the situation laid out in front of them, so yes, I agree there should be consent forms! It just makes sense really.

  • thanks for your input :) misdiagnoses is not good, It's happened to me...remember to tell your doctor your thoughts and feelings about it, communication is very important for me and even more important is that the patient is agreeing and happy about treatment.

  • In about a week, I have a check up and I've requested another doctor for it so that I can get a second opinion, so fingers crossed! I've been taking the antidepressants because they are different and I figure it's the only way to show the doctor they don't work in my situation (These aren't as bad as the last ones, but so far I don't feel like they have helped either) and I think given the suicidal/heightened depression and anxiety possibilities of the drugs, a consent form would really make sense.

  • yea even though I'm on zoloft right now, I agreed to take it, I think consenting to a drug is as important as conforming (like my doctor would say) to taking it. good luck :D

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